Google Pay The access Internet, Provided …

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Google Pay The access Internet, Provided ...Google Pay The access Internet, Provided …

Search engine giant Google’s Internet surfers are willing to pay each of U.S. $ 25 (about USD 225 thousand). Condition, they want to use a special browser capable mendetaksi each link is visited. Google Pay The access Internet

Citing reports Dailymail, Friday, February 10, 2012, the program called Google Screenwise this is the way that Google can spy on what is being done on the Internet.

Surely this staking activity of violating the privacy of Internet users, unless they do not mind. Google therefore mensiasatinya by paying U.S. $ 25 in Amazon gift card.

According to the blog Search Engine Land, Google implemented a program that is a bit weird because everyone wants their activity on the Internet and confidentiality is maintained.

After all, why should Google search for data on frequently visited sites on the Internet. Is not Google supposed to know better.

In Europe, Google’s privacy policy will apply to the access of Google services there starting next March 1. Privacy policy of “one size fits all” this means that Google can reveal what he knew about the activities of service users in the Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube.

To plan the privacy policy, European regulators had written a letter to the CEO of Google, Larry Page to stop it. Google Pay The access Internet

Google Pay The access Internet

Google Screenwise program is met with resistance from privacy advocates. Through technology site ZDNet, they claim this will make the effort Screenwise Google to know more about you.

Even Google will better identify what you do rather than his own wife.

While Google claims to the contrary. On the home page Screenwise, California-based company that is precisely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of those who wish to participate in this program.

“As a panelist, you will add a browser extension that will send data to Google about what sites you visit and how you use it,” Google wrote.

What have we learned from your last activity, continued Google, will greatly assist in developing our products.

When registering, each volunteer will get a gift card worth U.S. $ 5. Then they will get another U.S. $ 5 per month throughout remained a panelist.

If you do not want to participate in this program, you can exit at any time.

“This is just one small project and everyone is free to choose to participate or not,” Google wrote.

Eligibility of program participants are Screenwise Web users aged 13 or older and must have a Google account. They should also use the Google Chrome browser. Google Pay The access Internet

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