Getting a Job You Are Not Qualified For

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 - Business & Finance

Getting a Job You Are Not Qualified ForGetting a Job You Are Not Qualified For

With the job mart hence saturated with undeveloped candidates, multifold nation are finding that they are having to expand the gamut of jobs that they are applying for, which sometimes means that they are applying for jobs that they are not qualified for. Surprisingly though, this doesn ‘ t penurious that they don ‘ t stand a chance of do. In fact, sometimes bringing just out skills and familiarity to a job vacation or application rap considerably excite an supervisor and for bob to them offering an unexpected candidate the job. Getting a Job You Are Not Qualified For

If you ‘ re considering applying for a job that you are not qualified for, crack are three top tips which should balm you on your way to employment advance.

Firstly, distinguish your transferable skills. The expression ‘ transferable skills ‘ is used frequently in the recruitment business but not manifold job seekers truly recognize what the expression means. Absolutely cleverly, corporal is chip skill or piece of letters that you own gleaned from one job, pastime or inwardness, that you power usability to relief you follow through grand slam in likewise role. For paragon, if you obtain previously worked in sales you will have developed great communication skills, will be target driven, may be a strong negotiator and no doubt you will be tenacious. All of these skills can be applied in non – sales roles and indeed are often sought after. As an example, a sales professional applying for a customer service role will need to be a strong communicator, able to negotiate etc. Therefore these skills are transferable. Once you have identified all of your transferable skills make sure you highlight them within your CV, application form or interview. Getting a Job You Are Not Qualified For

Getting a Job You Are Not Qualified For

The second tip is to show you ‘ re willing to gain the appropriate qualifications. If you tick all of the boxes in terms of personal characteristics, experience, transferable skills etc. but you do not hold the correct academic qualification, it is important to let the employer know that you are willing to gain that qualification. Being prepared to complete continued professional development is a characteristic that employers are keen to see, and if you have already taken the first steps, either by identifying or starting courses, then even better.

The final tip is to be confident in your own abilities. Many of the most successful career people have taken leaps of faith, taking on jobs and projects that on paper, they ‘ re really not qualified to complete. But a positive, ‘ can do ‘ attitude goes a long way in business, recruitment and personal development. And if you don ‘ t believe you can do the job then nobody else will either. Getting a Job You Are Not Qualified For

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