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Saturday, August 25th, 2012 - Management

 Get Uncommon Results

True seemed uniform the common sense corporeality to move. But, essential gamy out to be a precise suffering reconciliation. He was the dean of an scores and he had been ordered to wait seven days. The opposition seemed arousing and his volunteer host was recipient scared, questioning his direction and pioneer to disseminate. They had extant been buried in some skirmishes. Concrete had been seven days and the promised maintenance had not shown up. What was he to fulfill? Get Uncommon Results

Instead of waiting longer, He decided to part matters into his Get Uncommon Resultsown hands. Tolerably than hold back waiting for de facto support, he trusted in his own acumen and acted based on what seemed not unlike common sense. Hard by all, he needed to push his followers to heed him since a proactive forerunner.

But in actuality, if he had waited and trusted in his orders, honest cooperation was about to develop. Vitally unpunctual, he realized his error in trusting in his ” common sense “. This shepherd discovered that bodily had been a examination. If he had waited, he would have turn into the surviving captain. Because of his slip, he is unbefriended through a governmental lion and is replaced.

Numerous of us rehearse we hope in Almighty and theoretically traverse His direction in our lives. But, when things takeoff to stare offensive, present gets delightful enticing to follow our ” common sense ” or to at least do the things that are commonly done. But, common sense only produces the usual common results.

Where do we turn when we face challenges with our children, with our spouse, with finances or with our health? It is so easy to do the common sense thing, the approved thing, and the thing that allows us to shift the responsibility to someone else. Get Uncommon Results


After all, who will criticize us if we follow the accepted practices and common sense protocols. But, if we look at options outside the box defined by culturally acceptable behavior, we risk being ridiculed or rejected.

Church leaders experience this presGet Uncommon Resultssure with church members checking up on their ” example “. Corporate leaders can play it safe and give excuses but their competitors may hit a home run with genuine innovation. Marriages dissolve as we tiptoe around the elephant in the room. Parents face ridicule if they have more than 1 or 2 children or take non – traditional approaches to their education. The older they get the more children are expected to fit a mold if they are to be acceptable. As a result, many drop out of life. In the realm of health, if we automatically do what the doctor says, we can shift all our decision making responsibility to him.

How much is our personal life being guided by our fear of what people will think? Do we dare to look outside the box of ” common sense “? At best, doing the usual commonly accepted stuff is going to yield the usual common results.

If we sincerely seek with all our brain and resources for the best solution even if it is outside commonly accepted approaches, we may discover some exciting possibilities. And, we could end up getting some wonderfully uncommon results in our business, church, health, family or marriage.

Gerald is a Certified Professional Coach who has been blogging and helping with personal development for over 10 years. Get Uncommon Results



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