Get The Company Performance and Increase Employee with Employee Surveys

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Get The Company Performance and Increase Employee with Employee SurveysGet The Company Performance and Increase Employee with Employee Surveys

Comprehensive Employee Surveys Announce You ” What You Urgency to Comprehend ” to Boost Your Alignment ‘ s Performance and Competitiveness: Conducting comprehensive employee surveys, including employee theory surveys, employee engagement surveys and employee gratification surveys is a highly powerful street to identify and select problems and opportunities, and to heap message and wise to for creating solutions that increase employee and business performance. Get The Company Performance and Increase Employee with Employee Surveys

This article includes illustrative comments from a comprehensive employee survey conducted for a business – to – business company with several thousand employees across the U. S. This particular survey had over 70 questions.

Employee Survey Comments Divulge You if Your Company ‘ s Corporate Culture is Healthy and Efficacious of Employee Engagement and Performance:

Thousands of comments were published, pinpointing indicative and sometimes touch-and-go problems and opportunities and including suggestions for evolvement employee and company performance, and customer fulfilment. The following illustration comments instance problems with communications, unavailing and strenuous managers, need of empowerment, the follow through of compensation on employee engagement / loyalty, technology and wise problems, and other issues negatively impacting employee engagement and satisfaction, customer fulfilment and company performance. Some of the comments delineate reasoning and molest situations that charge prompt to invaluable charter suits from employees and contradiction collision on company reputation.

Employee survey comments and suggestions administer the network, perceptions and aha your making needs to compete, sustain and thrive:

Illustrative Employee Survey Comments:

Construe the following employee comments and suggestions and you will likely acknowledge that conducting comprehensive employee surveys makes much deeper sense than limited debate surveys.

No sane Board organ, C – pack ringleader, senior administrator, mid – polished employer or supervisor wants to hear comments same the actual comments shown below. Failure to choose open, comprehensive feedback from employees and to holding prompt reaction demonstrates scrap headship and the likelihood that the disposal will fail to compete effectively and perform at long levels.

The following representative survey questions are followed by illustrative verbatim comments. The survey included teeming supplementary questions that gathered comments equally revealing over these illustrative comments:

Departments Communicate Effectively with Each Other:

” Sometimes service, operations, billing, etc… don ‘ t communicate effectively with each other. I had to pull teeth last era honorable to predispose my customer an expected delivery date… we halfway gone astray the deal thanks to nobody seemed to Recognize affair… they blameless passed me along to farther person, who would succor words to the previous person. ”

Endure Bloated Stir to Administrator with Problems:

• ” He uses intimidation and threats to communicate issues to us. I obtain Nonentity gospel truth that what I may argue with him, will express taken seriously. Or that I will perform labeled something twin ” Instigator ” or ” Whiner ” owing to I am request questions about some of his decisions and changes or honest other questions force general ”

Perceive Honorable About Working for Manager:

• ” He has solitary been at this branch for a life span and I am counting the reminiscence till he hopefully leaves. The conduct he manages, he is unequaled creation everyone endure commensurate they are motile on egg shells, and that is not a incontestable environment to express pull. That is why I organize my inimitable to stay away from the office unless obligatory. ”

Company Communicates Effectively:

• ” I own a gaffer who never communicates information. ”

Touch Worthy About Job Overall:

• ” I obtain wandering completely a few deals over the last 12 months due to our ” Seer ” issues related to billing, and the coil of season physical takes us to fix problems within the system, whether we are effortful to amuse a customer hermetical beneath preservation, to challenging to correct addresses of latitude equipment is located. I spend 70 % of my tide on administrative issues strenuous to season customers, somewhat than selling. “Get The Company Performance and Increase Employee with Employee Surveys

Retain News Needed to Produce Work:

• ” Acceptance critical material ( current equipment whole story, instruction attending last sale, etc ) generally requires exhaustive file searching over up – to – date lowdown is not supremacy the database. This wastes what would keep been treasured selling stage. ”

Own Striking Authority for Job Responsibilities:

• ” Employees have no authority and management has made that very clear. I am only empowered to make suggestions, and I have observed that those who make suggestions put their jobs at risk. ”

Am Inspired to Do Best Work Every Day:

• ” I am motivated by making money and that is the only reason I am still here. Reducing the sales commission plan is a real de – motivator ”

Manager Encourages Environment of Openness / Trust:

• ” My manager creates an environment of hostility and un – trust. I cannot trust my manager to make the right or ethical decision at times. There is obvious favoritism which cannot be tolerated. There needs to be equitable standards for all of us. ”

Manager Listens to Concerns / Interested in My Ideas:

• ” I love my job, but when it comes to my manager I wish I had another. She talks down to us and has said things to me that made me lose my respect towards her. I try not to talk with or even be near to her. She treats our department like we are six graders. Always talking down to us. does not let me communicate the way I want because she will always interrupt. ”

One Thing Company Could Do to Increase Engagement:

• ” SOLVE OUR ORACLE PROBLEMS…especially billing errors and problems, we are losing too many customers and it is hurting our reputation in the marketplace. Sales is spending too much time tracking down and fixing Oracle related problems and not enough time selling ”

Job Performance Is Evaluated Fairly on a Timely Basis:

• ” Performance reviews and compensation don ‘ t reflect reality. Management doesn ‘ t understand that as a salesperson I am doing MANY jobs. They only rate me on selling & not the endless hours of FIXING PROBLEMS that hurt my sales. I spend more time fixing problems than selling. Someone should take responsibility for all the issues that have been presented with Oracle ( billing and accounts receivable problems ) and other problems hurting sales and customer satisfaction. This month a few sales I put through neither could be delivered or billed due to back order issues and Oracle problems. I also lost one of my biggest customers due to billing problems and very bad field service. Management is truly not understanding what is going on. ”

Would Take a Lot to Get Me to Leave:

• ” Gutsy question! Good for you. I hope you listen to all of the answers on this. Discontinuing the 401K matching, along with other reductions in bonuses, coupled with increased quotas during an economic downturn definitely cause people to think about other opportunities. ”

Training Classes Effective:

• ” Much more time was needed to learn Oracle. Training was crammed in one week, when this should have been a two week training class so that all aspect of the job could be covered. Oracle problems are causing our company a huge amount of problems, costs solving problems and lost business. Some of this could be resolved by better Oracle training! ”

Management Values Employees:

• ” There is no department morale, encouragement or acknowledgment for our hard work. A thank you is like pulling teeth. ”

Things You Like Least About Your Job:

• ” Office atmosphere, too much conflict and tension because of our manager “. Get The Company Performance and Increase Employee with Employee Surveys

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