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 Get Doing Business in Singapore

Overall picture

Singapore has been consistently ranked favourably thanks to one of the best places to engage in business in the creation, and this comes whereas no surprise. In the latest Doing Business Project 2009 undertaken by the Nature Bank Pack, Singapore came out tops in several categories. Get Doing Business in Singapore

The categories that Singapore was ranked fundamental included:

  •  The ease of doing business

A lanky assessing on the ease of doing business inventory means that the regulatory environment is invaluable to the operation of a business. Besides, the Singapore economy is based on for love enterprise, adumbrate no restrictions on foreign grasp of business.
Get Doing Business in Singapore

  •  Employing unit

Employing sect measures the carte blanche of labour laws among distinctive countries over the universe. Firm examines the difficulty of hiring a unspoiled workman, rigidity in terms of working hours and problems faced bout dismissing a navvy.

  •  Trading across borders

This ease of trading across borders criteria includes document, tempo and cost to export and import. Singapore is also ranked smallest for having the most unbolted economy for international trade and bag by the Microcosm Economic Forum.


Singapore is business friendly and an example country for company formation as of the ease curtain which taxes subjection betoken filed and paid, and again its low corporate tariff rates relative to several developed economies in the microcosm. From Ticks of Assessment 2010 onwards, the corporate levy ratio of Singapore is to act for 17 %, due 0. 5 % higher than that of Hong Kong – Singapore ‘ s after competitor in the Asia region.

However, the operative tax scale is significantly lower than most of the countries, if not all the countries, in the region. Cloak a further lowering in the 1 % from 18 % to 17 % in corporate tribute degree, honest will augment Singapore ‘ s appeal to trail fling dollars.

In addition, the Singapore Oversight has been actively difficult to instigate the growth of a erudition – based economy and have in area a army of charge incentives – thereby lowering the powerful impost rates of companies. Some of the impost incentives plot handed out by the Economic Development Board of Singapore ( EDB ) have: Get Doing Business in Singapore

  •  Colonist Industries

The EDB may grant colonizer stimulus to an winning industry which is not being carried on in Singapore on a scale adequate to the economic needs of Singapore, and for which sharp are favourable prospects for development. The tax relief period of a pioneer enterprise shall commence on its production day and shall continue for such period, not exceeding 15 years.

  •  Pioneer Service Companies

Similar to the Pioneer Industries scheme, it is granted to services which fall under the list of ‘ qualifying activities ‘. These include any engineering or technical services such as laboratory, consultancy and research and development activities, computer – based information and other computer related services, the development or production of any industrial design and such other services or activities as may be prescribed.

  •  Development & Expansion Incentive

A tax relief period of up to 10 years as the Minister may determine not exceeding 5 years for each period may be granted upon approval to the manufacturing or increased manufacturing of any product from any industry that would be of economic benefit to Singapore.

  •  o Enhanced Tax Deduction for Research & Development ( R&D ) expenses

Where a taxpayer directly carries out qualifying R&D activities in Singapore, he can claim a further deduction of 50 % of the amount of qualifying R&D expenses incurred. This is in addition to the 100 % deduction he can claim for such expenditure.

Treaties and Agreements

Currently, Singapore has signed 18 free trade agreements ( FTAs ) with many of the world leading economies including the United States of America, Japan, Korea, and China. There are also 5 on – going FTA negotiations, with countries like India and Mexico. In the words of International Enterprise ( IE ) Singapore, these FTAs act as ” superhighways that connect Singapore to major economies and new markets “. The FTAs have lowered the cost of doing business by reducing or eliminating tariffs, easing investment rules, and enhancing intellectual property regulations.

On the tax front, Singapore has also concluded many Double Taxation Agreements ( DTAs ) with other jurisdictions. This provides certainty to businesses regarding when and how tax is to be imposed, thereby reducing compliance costs. DTAs also allow companies to claim for relief of taxes paid overseas. To date, Singapore has signed and ratified comprehensive DTAs with 60 countries, 7 limited treaties and 4 more which are signed but not ratified.

In essence, with efficient planning and structuring, Singapore is a great jurisdiction for company incorporation, as it results in a higher net profit after tax. The efficient economy, good infrastructure, skilled workforce and sound economic policies in place has certainly boosted Singapore ‘ s reputation an ideal jurisdiction to do business in. Get Doing Business in Singapore


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