Get a college scholarship to the USA

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Get a college scholarship to the USAGet a college scholarship to the USA

Tips to Get Scholarships Study Abroad

I believe one year of preparation enough for a scholarship to the USA. Scholarships that we can get is usually a Teaching assistantship / TA (teaching assistant and be paid), Research assistantship / RA (so-research laboratory assistants and paid), or fellowships (scholarships without bond, usually due to certain achievements). Get a college scholarship to the USA

Suppose my friends want to lecture in 2010, this is what I suggest from now on.

1) The school year in America began in the Fall term is usually around September (semester vols if in Indonesia) or about March Spring term (second semester if in Indonesia). Summer and Winter term usually used to write the thesis and research. I recommend applying for Fall 2010, because the scholarship is more abundant in these terms.

2) Open the website of the campus who wish spoken for, find professors who research or publication den fit your interests. Try to contact a good den polite e-mail, whether it could be a PhD student under bimbin he is also the possibility of a scholarship on campus.

January tell anything at this time, just see he interested or not. If he pleased, please send your CV or abstract skripi or publications relevant research areas of his den. Please remember that professors are very busy, so it may take several days until he replied to an e-mail address. If up to a week of no response from the professor, please send an e-mail again to remind him. If no answer is also, jan discouraged and try to contact other professors.

3) If it looks the same professors and the campus is already ‘fit’, prepare yourself for taking the internet-based TOEFL, GRE General and GRE Physics to be sent to the campus. Please apply these tests on the website ‘Educational Testing Service’. Payment of the test should use a credit card. If not, should ask friends, family, or office.

Before taking the TOEFL and GRE, your passport should also have taken care of and is still valid. Passports usually be recognized identification when you come to a place of TOEFL and GRE exams.

Try to get a value as high on these tests in order to be accepted on-campus opportunities den greater scholarship (iBT-TOEFL> 100, the GRE General Q:> 700, Physics GRE:> 700 is usually considered pretty good). Please remember that the test result is only valid for 2 years. Get a college scholarship to the USA

Get a college scholarship to the USA

4) The application is usually via an online application via the campus website. If still rather clueless about computers, can ask any help from the friends or family who understands the internet. Applications can also be downloaded to be printed and filled themselves, but this will be sent back to America. There is a registration fee to be paid in advance, usually den credit card. If possible, ask for the fee-waiver (made free) for your application, it can happen if the campus is well worth the rate you received was a student on campus. If not possible, pay and print your receipt. Keep your Internet connection is down for care of the payment.

5) Prepare the documents supporting your application. Which is usually obligatory coffee diploma and transcripts in English that have been terlegalisir. Also writing Essay (Personal Statement, Letter of Motivation, Statement of Purpose, or whatever his name) the reasons you join the den campus as well as your eligibility to obtain a scholarship. Can also be accompanied den coffee passports, ID cards, CV, thesis abstract, or copies of certificates and awards that were achieved during the lecture. Documents can be translated to English den assistance or services of a sworn translator in AMINEF EducationUSA – Hall Book, Jakarta.

6) Often a2 asked to name 2-4 names of people who could provide letters of recommendation for your application. People such as teachers, lecturers, kajur / dean / provost, and the boss was a very proper to give recommendations. They can type their own letter and mark tan, or-if they let you type in your own-and then they mark tan. Keep the letter printed on official letterhead paper the university where you study / office where you work and put in an official envelope campus / office a2. Tertung on campus policy, letter of recommendation may be sent scannya via e-mail advice-giver, or should be included together all documents supporting your application.

Send all your documents via express mail or courier service (sometimes campus also receive documents via fax or scan it via e-mail). This will take a few days or a week’s. January forget to continue to contact the college to ensure your documents right up to the campus. Also make sure all the documents they requested have been sent all the way. Incomplete documents can make the maintenance of your application is delayed until you complete the document is still lacking.

7) There could be interviews of professors who have been your previous contact. This is to check your seriousness to learn as well as your fluency in English komunikasa. Interviews are usually conducted via telephone or the internet. Professor will contact you a few days earlier to give the days and hours of your interview, prepare yourself well. Try to be interviewed in a telephone or internet connection nice and free from unnecessary gguan during the interview.

8 ) Once you have decided to accept the offer from the college-and I assume that sufficient den-campus scholarship will send Form I-20 for student visa (F-1). In this form, there keteran SEVIS to be followed and paid for $ 200. Pay SEVIS is immediately on the site the Department of Homeland Security, and print a receipt of payment. It could also wait for the SEVIS payment receipt sent directly to our address, but this takes time.

For those who are still confused what is Form I-20 and SEVIS to go to college in America, please check Google or Wikipedia.

9) Please take care on the F-1 visa interview at the U.S. embassy website, photographs and prepare them + all the documents specified. Highly recommended to use a Visa consulting services and translation of documents in the EducationUSA AMINEF – Hall Book, Jakarta in order to be better prepared prior to the date of interview. Also follow the Pre-departure Orientation program at AMINEF order to better prepare yourself before the interview visa and left for America.

10) Come on time (earlier is better) on the day of interviews at the American embassy. Clothing should be neat and courteous. Be sure to bring your passport and documents a2 complete original, and was prepared to answer questions from the interview the consular officer. Queue will be relatively long, so prepare stamina a2.

If all current, passport stamped F-1 visa can take several days after the interview in accordance den date printed on the ticket collection. If your visa application is rejected, ask your keteran reasons rejected in writing together with supplementary documents should be brought to the next interview. Also immediately contact AMINEF to learn why your visa was rejected and further consultation application to the next F-1 visa can be successful. Get a college scholarship to the USA

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