Galaxy S III, “Soulmate” Modern

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Samsung III Soulmate Modern

Samsung III Soulmate Modern

Samsung’s latest generation of artificial Smartphone, Galaxy S III, not only inspired by nature, but also designed to meet the needs, desires, and human enjoyment.

In fact, it is hoped, Galaxy S III will be a “soulmate” modern for its users. Samsung III Soulmate Modern

President and Head of IT Division European Electronic & Mobile Samsung, JK Shin explained, this device does give satisfaction in many ways.

“He could hear the human voice and knew several languages, mainly English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Mandarin. He can also recognize our faces and our friends,” he said in launching the Galaxy S III in Earls Court, London, Thursday or Friday (04/05/2012) early morning hrs.

According to JK Shin, Galaxy S III the best in its class, equipped with Super HD AMOLED screen. There was also a 8-megapixel camera, 2100 mAh battery, and some other facilities.


“With all the trimmings, Galaxy S III can treat human beings, even to help, comfort, ease the wherever we go. It will be a loyal friend,” he said.

Galaxy S III can record the human voice to be recognized. In fact, the user can give commands by voice. In addition, photos can be tagged for later known.

When there share a photo or a call, then the Galaxy S III will know through photos that have been saved.

Galaxy S III is also designed to store all the input, either SMS or phone so there was no SMS or miss call is not recorded. And, this phone would inform the input will be missed. Samsung III Soulmate Modern

To make the agenda, Galaxy S III is very helpful. Agenda can be arranged with the sound and the Galaxy S III will remind the user will be scheduled.

By using a quad processor, Galaxy S III lets users create photo or video freely. There is even a facility to edit. In addition, images and video can be shared easily.

“There is also a flip cover, desktop dock, and wireless charging kit. Game hub is equipped with hi power games, music hub, and the drive link. In fact, the Galaxy S III can to enjoy streaming music on line,” said JK Shin.

“So, Galaxy S III would be a good friend and fun, knows our needs,” he added. Samsung III Soulmate Modern



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