Future cars made ​​by General Motors

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Future cars made ​​by General Motors

Future cars made ​​by General Motors

DETROIT - Severe experts showed full autonomous, driveless car that will be outstanding for less than a decade ahead. With the technology cruise control, parking sensors and collision for the braking system will provide driveless experience. Future cars made ​​by General Motors

Proclaimed T3 (05.01.2012), General Motors Research Director boules Nady said, "automatic car will be a reality, first autonomous cars will not be introduced as a whole, but will go through several stages of technology development to improve road safety."

"Once you reach the point to have a car that will not experience an accident incident to the use of various technologies, this car makes you just sit in front of the wheel and let it run itself," explains boules. Future cars made ​​by General Motors

Driveless car is a step to try to overcome the problem of frequent accidents. Before the launch of autonomous vehicles, General Motors vehicle design developed through the selection of a tool driving in stages, thereby reducing the level of human interaction while driving.

"In the middle of next decade, General Motors will introduce the first semi-autonomous vehicle and the end of the decade autonomus car will glide system. Full autonomous technology is expected to be operational in the next decade," he added. Future cars made ​​by General Motors

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