Financial Statements of Balance Sheet

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Financial Statements of Balance Sheet

This is the second article in a series of articles about the unalike financial statements. Through we had mentioned in the last article, financial statements are the bridge that contract the stakeholders know what is process on within a company. They whip physical easier for investors, buyers, competitors, customers and prevalent other stakeholders to note how together the company is performing. In this article we will take a closer gaze at the balance sheet. The balance sheet is one of the most of moment financial statements of a company. Financial Statements of Balance Sheet

Bit the income Financial Statements of Balance Sheetstatement reports on all financial activities a company conducts within a spell. The balance sheet reports on the general health of a company at a particular point in time ( not during a spell ). The balance sheet is especially cooperative for financial analysts. Efficient are a few ratios that enable the financial analyst to regard how blooming the company is managing, its receivables, payables, debt, cash, and other of substance aspects of the company. Financial Statements of Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is imaginary up of three better sections: Assets, Liabilities, and Evenness ( or Stockholders legitimacy ).


The assets of a company are items owned by the company which retain charge and are recurrently something for which mazuma was paid. This main bunch will mean further divided into opposed types of assets ( cash, receivables, current assets, property etc ).


Liabilities of a company are those items that the company owes to other entities whether they personify businesses, people, or rolled governments. Liabilities liability besides speak for further divided into disparate types of liabilities ( current liabilities, stretch interval liabilities, etc ). Financial Statements of Balance Sheet

Authority ( Stockholders Evenness )


This is the investigation main section of the balance sheet. Positive includes amounts that the owners, or investors have invested into the business. This will and receive allotment of the profit that the company chooses to retain and reinvest in new projects.

In accounting you will much asset the wienie of matching. Accountants and financial analysts help this brainchild for a radius of uses including forensic accounting, financial analysis. Stable the most simple tasks homologous now reconciliation of accounts uses the balance sheet because an integral source of data. In the balance sheet, the assets must equal the sum of all the liabilities and stockholder ‘ s equity ( hence the name balance sheet ). This rule can never be broken.

This equation is simply written as: Assets = Liabilities + Equity ( A = L + E )

In later articles we will go over some of the parts of each side in more detail. For example we will go over Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Accounts Payable etc and the different peculiarities of each item. Before we end the article, we must explain a concept. In accounting information is very integral to running the company. The more information provided about certain accounts or transactions the better. In that line, we can see in all balance sheets that the assets and liabilities are further divided into short term and long term assets or liabilities ( also current and non current ).

In terms of assets, all current or short term assets are those that can easily be converted ( or are expected to be converted ) to cash. Usually companies put a marker such as one month or 90 days. So all assets that are going to be converted to cash or liquid securities within that time frame will be put into short term or current assets. The same goes for liabilities. All liabilities that are due within 90 days ( or one year for some companies ) will be classified as short term liabilities. In fact all notes due are automatically considered as short term because they are due within that year. We will further clarify these in later articles along with ratios that analysts use to gauge the health of the company. Financial Statements of Balance Sheet

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