Facebook Could Make People More Isolated

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Facebook Could Make People More IsolatedFacebook Could Make People More Isolated

Facebook helps you collect hundreds of friends instantly, but people with low self-esteem that will restrict their comments on Facebook than to lose a friend. Thus reported of a study. Facebook Could Make People More Isolated

Although the aims of social media to share what he was feeling and can make friends, but investigators found that there are some people who would rather make a bad opinion of himself. They prefer to post negative messages that do not like my friends in cyberspace, and ultimately distance themselves with another friend.

In one study, psychologists from Canada, Amanda Forest and Joanne Wood asked a group of students about what they think about Facebook, social networks that already have 800 million members worldwide.

Psychologists found that students who have low self confidence to believe that social networking is a safer place to make friends, because they reduce the risk of an awkward situation.

Psychologists from the University of Waterloo is then interviewed the students about what they usually write on your Facebook profile. Psychologists ask if they write something positive or negative.

Finally, researchers found that people who write something more positive than those who preferred to write something negative.

For example, if someone who posted that he was very lucky to have friends and can not wait for extraordinary day tomorrow, will be favored over those who complained of loss of mobile phones. Facebook Could Make People More Isolated

Facebook Could Make People More Isolated

Forest, chief author of this research report, said that Facebook provides an ideal opportunity for social intercourse and can be something useful for people who are often in an awkward situation in the real world.

“If you talk to someone directly and say something, you probably will get an indication that they do not like, or they are sick of hearing your negative words. On Facebook, you will not see most of these reactions,” says Forest.

Forest did not investigate whether the negative comments would lead to a negative response as well, but he suggested that before posting, users ensure that the impact of these postings for members of social networking. Facebook Could Make People More Isolated

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