Elco Track Damaged By the way ESR Meter

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Elco Track Damaged By the way ESR MeterElco Track Damaged By the way ESR Meter

All technicians must have the same experience that the electronic devices that have been aged in general is often found that there are some dry elco or down in value, mainly found in many brands of china plane. Elco is dry can cause a variety of disorders that are sometimes difficult to trace or even be able to make certain parts do not work at all, especially if used on a circuit that works at such high frequency SMPS (Switch Mode Power Suply) and the horizontal. Elco dry technicians sometimes make headaches and time consuming when you track the damage. Elco Track Damaged By the way ESR Meter

Many technicians get around this problem by directly replacing all existing elco, regardless of whether the elco – elco is corrupt or not. It is generally quite successful. But sometimes the quality is not good elco replacement, so the damaged aircraft back after use for some time. Replace all elco is also a problem for yourself if the circuit is improved a lot using the elco. The use of ESR meter proved to be the most appropriate choice to solve the above problems. We suggest that ESR meter is a must-have tool for every technician after avo-meter.


The advantages of using ESR meter:

1. ESR meter can be damaged by the time elco track faster because it does not need to remove the elco (in-circuit tester) one by one.
2. Elko only replaced damaged
3. ESR meter can be used to check the quality of new and used elco. Sometimes electronic devices damaged again after service just because it installed a new elco poor quality.
4. Elko that if the check using the ohm-meter sometimes the results are deceptive. Because if the meter was checked by ESR ESR was already a large (elco damaged).
5. ESR meter can be used to check the flyback is short in the primary coil (between the B + with a pin-pin-collectors), def a short yoke, the power tranfo a short primer.
6. ESR meter can to find out if re-chargeable batteries are still good. Re-chargeable battery that is damaged ESR was generally higher when compared to a still good.
7. ESR meter can to keep track of printed lines leaking / short
8. By comparing the capacitors are still good, ESR-meter can be used to check the value of thousands pf capacitor. Elco Track Damaged By the way ESR Meter

A. ESR meter can not be to find out elco leak or short. Fortunately rare short elco damage.
2. ESR meter to check the fit only elco with values ​​ranging 0.47uF to the top.

ESR Is it true?

Generally owned by a parameter that is understood by the technicians elco is “maximum working voltage” and “capacitance value”. In the real case there are several other parameters such as the “maximum working temperature” (85 or 105 degrees C) and “ESR” (Equivalent Series Resistance). Exception is capacitive, in practice elco also has the characteristics of “resistive” caused by a combination of resistance legs, internal connections, plates and electrolyte. Thus form a resistive characteristic ESR, because if it is portrayed as if such be installed in series with the capacitance elco.

* Ideally a elco ESR is zero, but in practice this is impossible.
* Elco high voltages tend to have larger ESR than the low voltage elco
* Elco with small capacitance values ​​tend to have higher ESR than elco great value.
* Elco 105 degrees (C) tend to have elco ESR greater than 85 degrees (C).

So a trivial understanding of:
the smaller the ESR (resistance / resistance) of a elco, the better the condition of the elco.
the opposite:
the greater the ESR (resistance / resistance) of a elco, the worse the condition of the elco. Elco Track Damaged By the way ESR Meter

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