Effective and Efficient manner of Support Desk

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Effective and Efficient manner of Support DeskEffective and Efficient manner of Support Desk

Surprisingly, numberless Support Desks operate at sea side of the explanation things that utility it to scuttle and prepare adequate service and support to its clients. They scarcity partition resemblance of a service strategy, service design, a means to transition services, detail service operation means, or a means to continually revamp service. It does not matter what industry framework ( ITIL, COBIT, MOF, etc. ) you stand together to, the absence of side will halt crumb wider than withhold the cogs in your mechanism ( Support Desk ) screeching and a empty on organization resources. Effective and Efficient manner of Support Desk

Charter ‘ s once-over at an object of operating, ” Effectively ” and ” Efficiently “: Your Desktop Support band of 5 members is tasked with rolling out a unknown software spring to 4 remote sites with a total of 1000 PC ‘ s within 3 months.

Company ” A ” decides to road this duty by travelling from site to site to manually root and configure the software on each PC, they incur passage and house costs, meals and incidentals, and other related costs. The group was able be, ” Effective ” at completing the assigned chore at the addicted tail but not, ” Efficient ” in their implementation.
Group ” B ” nowadays designed a packaged onset that would help to speed up the time it takes to install and configure the software, they too travelled to each site but were able to do, ” 1 click installations ” and were able to quickly move from site to site and complete their task 2 weeks before the due date. Their effort was much less than Team ” A ‘ s ” and had less impact as it relates to downtime on the user community. By the way, they incurred the same costs ( although at a lesser amount ) as Team ” A “. This team operated in an Effective and slightly Efficient way. Effective and Efficient manner of Support Desk

Effective and Efficient manner of Support Desk

Team ” C ” took a more streamlined approach: They created their installation package, designed a transport system, negotiated and set their deployment schedule with each site. Used their transport system to precache the installation files on each PC without having to interrupt each end – user. Performed an automated installation from a central location to each and every PC. There was no travel involved, Team ” C ” was available to continue their normal daily tasks, only 2 of the 5 team members were used for the deployment, and the project was completed in less than two weeks. This team performed in an, extremely ” Efficient ” and ” Effective ” manner.

Taking time to develop a strategy aided Team ” C ” to save the organization, time, money, and people resources. They used automation to complete their task. There was only a slight interruption to the user community and their process helped to set standards for future deployment. Effective and Efficient manner of Support Desk

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