Eating Instant Noodles with Secure and Convenient

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Eating Instant Noodles with Secure and Convenient

Instant noodle is the most simple food consumed. Easy and practical. But keep in mind the danger. For example, sediment dyes are very harmful to the body.

Nutritionists said Afrinia Ekasari, instant noodles made from basic ingredients of flour, flour, eggs, water and minerals, and includes herbs and vegetable oils. It does have vitamins, but in fact, far from standard to meet the nutritional needs of figures. Especially for children. Eating Instant Noodles with Secure and Convenient
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There are some malicious content in instant noodles, the preservatives and dyes that can not be broken down in the body, so tend not to be issued. So, if these substances are too often consumed, build up in the body and are carcinogenic or harmful.

"Therefore, to meet the nutrient, should be added to instant noodles vegetable and animal protein such as eggs, chicken, shrimp," said the woman, a long career in the food business. Afrinia suggest not too often consume instant noodles.

While Andi Imam Arundhana, a nutritionist from the University of Hasanuddin explained that the principles of a balanced diet, what is consumed should be diverse, have nutritional value. "Not only do contain carbohydrates, but also fat, protein and vitamins. Not quite the full course, "he said.

As an illustration, continued Andi, at breakfast, a person needs about 15-25 percent of the nutrients. While the content of instant noodles only meet about 16 percent of the carbohydrates and fat man (needs 2,000 kcal). Eating Instant Noodles with Secure and Convenient
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Associated with preservatives, Andi said, although can be lost, it is very difficult. "Through human secretion system, at least about four days later," he said.

Since then, he said, even if forced to eat instant noodles, duration of 4-5 days at most. "Suppose today we already consume instant noodles, four days to five days later can only consume more," he explained.

Andi and Afrinia agree that the way to cook it should be noted, in addition to adding other foods when eating noodles, for health. Both suggested that when cooking instant noodles, boiled water discharged first. It is necessary to dispose preserved.

"It was only instant noodles in boiling water put a new one, so the levels of preserved out," said Andi.
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Another way that can be taken are not using the default flavor of the noodles. "We can treat themselves like marinade while cooking," said Andi. Or, at least reduce the use of instant noodle seasoning. This is to minimize the entry of preservatives into our bodies.

"If it was enough, throw away the remaining marinade. If you want more sauce, it's good to replace it with added salt, "he said. "Various methods can be taken before, if we can not avoid the consumption of instant noodles."

Other parts that need to be addressed when buying. Ekasari Afrinia said, in addition to seeing an expiration date, composition, halal logo, make sure the packaging is also not deformed or torn. Because the condition of disability or torn, various insects can contaminate the instant noodles. Eating Instant Noodles with Secure and Convenient

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