Easy steps to get a scholarship abroad

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Easy steps to get a scholarship abroadEasy steps to get a scholarship abroad

Start your search for scholarships struggles abroad with important preparations
The search for college scholarships abroad is a lengthy process. Even the sometimes very long and tend to be boring. Also exhausting! But it’s not something that is not possible, right? College scholarship abroad has allowed many people who succeed, like what you see today on them. First, they are also like you. Fought tirelessly, hoping in uncertainty, sadness because of the rejection. All of them were going through. But they can succeed, right? And the wise have always said that the fruit obtained with sweat taste better. Easy steps to get a scholarship abroad

You must make sure that the search for college scholarships abroad, it did not happen is as easy as turning the hand. Preparations should be made, and many things to be prepared. In addition to the preparations themselves, as well as preparations for the file, and so on.

So what needs to be considered in the search for a college scholarship abroad?
How to find prospective mentors
Looking for prospective mentors is a very important process in business you get a scholarship to study abroad. If you already have a prospective supervisor, the scholarship will give a plus to it. It shows that you truly want to study abroad and should be considered to be scholarship. You are serious about your efforts. That’s all that matters. Parties wanting scholarship of people like you, who have been able to take their own initiative to find potential mentors. You need to remember that the search for prospective mentors is a competitive process. If you already have a prospective supervisor, it shows that you are already a step ahead compared to other applicants who do not have.

So how do I find potential mentors?

First, you sekelilng see if anyone had been to school abroad through scholarships? There may be people in your office where you work now. Or the old school friend even though he did not work together with you. You can take advantage of them, especially if they are one area of ​​science with you and their school in the country that you seek or be the target country recipients. But although they are not the same with your educational background, you can still get their feedback. You can ask about what they did or how they acquired the prospective supervisor at the time they’re struggling just like you now.

If these people had the same educational background to you, you can direct the discussion of her mentors at the university where he studied. Is the supervisor he was still active or retired? Is it still in the same university or have moved to another place or another university? Of course you will ask the professor’s email address so that you can instantly bekomunikasi with him.

Another effort that you can do is find yourself over the web to your target university. If you do not have a clue at all about the person you are looking for, do not be a problem. You just go to the web and find relevant university faculty or school or department or section which is roughly in accordance with the field or your educational background. Then there you try to find staff or Researchers or academics. Just looking for so you can get email addresses of people on the staff there who have expertise appropriate to your field. There, you can see the research topics which interest the person concerned or studies have been done. Are there research topics according to your field or roughly resembles a field that will you take?. Easy steps to get a scholarship abroad

Easy steps to get a scholarship abroad

Another way is through a scientific paper or article in a scientific journal. To find scientific articles published in international scientific magazines, you can go to various services such as online journal databases Pubmed, Current Cotents, Agricola, and so on. A lot of facilities like this. There, you can perform database searching. Enter the key words field will you take will layana will provide a number of papers associated with those key words along with your name, where she worked, and author email addresses. Note the name of the person, whether he is going to be your prospective supervisor. If yes, proceed by sending an email to that person. Try to find this information by looking at years of publishing papers concerned. I mean, do not let the person you are looking for has been moved to another place or another university.


The bottom line is many, many ways for you to find potential mentors. Do not stop if you do not find what you want. Try searching for another way. Good luck ….
Looking for mentors
Initial communication with prospective mentors
Once you get the email address your prospective supervisor (see here for the post about the method or how to find prospective mentors), the next step is to send an email to the prospective supervisor. Here is a sample email that you can make the comparison or the inspiration for your email. It assumes that you never had to communicate with the professor before, your first email alias to him.

Dear Prof. (Last name)

My name is (write your full name without title) and I am currently looking for a Person Who is available to be my supervisor. My academic background is ….. (Mention your educational background) and graduated from ….. (Name of the university where you get your last education) in ….. (Year graduated). I am currently applying for a scholarship (specify the name of the scholarship scheme is in parentheses) to study at ….. (Master / Ph.D, choose one) level in your institution. My tentative reserach topic is ….. (Specify the research topics will you take).

Would you please be available to act as my supervisor?

Thank you very much for your time reading this email and I am looking forward to see your response. I am available for Further discussions via this email address.

Sincerely yours,
(Your name)

This is an example of an email if you make first contact. Maybe not like that exactly, but the email above shows the important things you should at least convey. This email is only looking at the possibility or willingness to become supervisors. So it should not be too long or too detailed. The email will you send more details after beliaunya was willing or give the green light to you.

Less obvious? I am willing to help you. Can you give us a comment here or contact me via japri. Hopefully I can help. Free too!
Opportunity to win scholarships
How many competitors do you have to get rid of?
When many people want something that is finite, then surely not everyone can get what he wants it. Some have succeeded, but some have failed. The statute like that and We have to accept That. It is about opportunity. And if you’re in this mood, you can calculate how likely for you to go down among those who succeed?

In an effort to find scholarships to schools abroad, we certainly talk about opportunities. Many people who want to get a scholarship while the amount of quota available is much less. About 2 or 3 years ago, the ADS scholarship scheme has the number of applicants from all over Indonesia as many as 3,000 people. The number called was 600 people. Meaning what? For every 5 applicants, there is one that will succeed are called to join the interview. More plainly, if you’re in the mood then you should ‘get rid’ 4 people you associate fellow applicants so that you can successfully called for an interview. You must be superior to 4 person, or the best among them. Then what is the probability you to finally be accepted?

What does that mean? Well, it looks simple but its meaning may not be as simple as that. By having knowledge about opportunities like this you can get an idea of ​​the level of success you are accepted or pass in a specific scholarship scheme. You can also compare between a scholarship scheme with other scholarships, and may be taken into consideration for you to better focus and better prepare yourself for a specific scholarship scheme compared with other schemes. Easy steps to get a scholarship abroad

Logically, a scholarship scheme that much demand and therefore have a high level of competition, usually has advantages compared with others. Then you must be honest with yourself whether to prepare yourself for another scholarship to lower levels of competition, or you have a passion and high confidence to compete in a highly competitive scholarship scheme. Sure you know yourself better.

So, before you apply for a scholarship, it’s good to see statistical data about the applicant and the amount of rations each scholarship scheme that you seek. Go to their official websites of each and find that data to then your analysis. This is part of your preparation for the scholarship winners. Easy steps to get a scholarship abroad


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