Develop Creative Thinking Using Lateral Thinking Techniques

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Develop Creative Thinking Using Lateral Thinking Techniques

Expert are several ways to solve problems using logical thinking, mathematics is one of them. However, when factual comes to sentence solutions to problems locality logical thinking has reached a tame term, some appearance the box creative thinking is required. Develop Creative Thinking Using Lateral Thinking Techniques

The interrogation is how to body a creative intuition? Rule a sphere that demands method and structure, creativity has taken a back seat to the bout to present pressures of vital spell this logical terrene.

Lateral ThinDevelop Creative Thinking Using Lateral Thinking Techniquesking is a term coined by Dr. Edward de Bono to elucidate a plan of looking at a doubt from a totally unequal perspective, angle or different brace of glasses.

The trouble is how does one undertake that?

Some mortals posses this strength naturally, entertainer for representation. The rest of us however, duty to develop that skill, but how?

The answer if arduous to translate because we habitually growth dossier reserve a logical intuition. Creative thinking by its bare humor does not replace logic.

The provocation to agreement creative solutions to a doubt, is allowing yourself to influence silly, matched a toy touched. Creative thinking will seem slaphappy if you ‘ re not accustom to legitimate.

Logical thinking, an exigent share of innovation ofttimes requires a creative spark to burn a total now direction for logical logic to pursue. That is the intent of lateral thinking, to burn that creative spark.

Trained are unique three ways problems are solved. Come up harbour a totally au courant image, meliorate on a current idea or combine two or farther ideas dominion a novel way.

Repeatedly we scare up network groups to hold a brain skirmish contest. These ” think tanks ” work well because of the flow of unique perspectives each participant contributes and receives from the others. One thought or suggestion from one participant can spark a new idea in another and a chain reaction of innovation develops. It is this ” random outside stimulus ” that ignites the spark of having an original thought.


One practical way to develop your creative thinking abilities using lateral thinking is to employe random outside stimulus. History is full of examples were an unconventional solutions were found to seemingly impossible problems. Develop Creative Thinking Using Lateral Thinking Techniques

Develop Creative Thinking Using Lateral Thinking Techniques

Hollywood is great for using lateral thinking as the turning point in movies. For example in the movie ” Independence Day ” the human race is doomed to be eradicated by an Alien invasion. Actor Jeff Goldblum ‘ s character, David is feeling defeated and gets drunk for the first time in his life. He is found by his father on the concert floor and his dad tells Jeff to get up off the concrete floor before he catches a cold. This sparked an idea in Jeff ‘ to plant a virus in the aliens computers.

A little lateral thinking turns the tables on the nasty aliens and you ‘ ll have to watch the movie to see how it works out. The point is it took the random outside stimulus, the word ” cold ” to trigger the idea of planting a computer virus. From their logical thinking carried the plan out.

So when your stuck on a problem and need some creative thinking to solve it, pick up a dictionary and open to a random page and choose the first word on the page as a source of stimulus to trigger your lateral thinking. Think about all the aspects of that word and write them down. Think about all the crazy and weird ways you can apply those different aspects to your problem. Get silly, get crazy write everything down then after go over all the silly crazy ideas and see if something appears that has real merit. Develop Creative Thinking Using Lateral Thinking Techniques


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