Design Modern Cake Topper Ideas

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Design Modern Cake Topper Ideas

If you are looking for an embryonic cake topper to stead on top of your wedding cake, this article will endow you ideas and inspiration to treasure the complete topper to speak for you and your girlfriend. Of course, being a florist, I would develop a combination of a pre – made cake topper over right through fresh flowers at the base of the cake, on top of the cake and rasher other other prominent seat on the cake. Design Modern Cake Topper Ideas

Design Modern Cake Topper Ideas

Commonplace Cake toppers

Cake toppers own traditionally been a handy or ceramic bride and groom. Although they are still widely available, numberless bride and groom toppers are directly too many modern and less tacky when they are shaped suppress clean modern produce. Other standard somewhere modern ideas entail stylish hearts and contemporary interpretations of bride and groom figurines gate each other.

Themed toppers

If you posses chosen a idea for your wedding sensible is a capital thought to bind your keynote together completed your cake decor. From ardent palm trees, to western bride and grooms, to condominium themes to Chinese characters, you burden most repeatedly treasure the whole topper to imitate your idea.

Customized toppers

Cake tops duty now be customized in many different ways such as a glass heart in which you can put a cherished photo of you and your loved one or an etched initial of your new last name or an engraved cake topper with both your first names. Design Modern Cake Topper Ideas


Floral Topper

Your topper can completely be made of flowers. You can make it yourself or hire a florist to make it. Floral cake toppers are often constructed on a cake top Iglu which is a floral foam inside a plastic holder specially designed to fit perfectly on the majority of wedding cakes. Simply coordinate your floral cake topper with the other flowers in your wedding and this cake topper is a surefire hit.

Humorous Toppers

Toppers can reflect humor such as statuettes of the bride and groom in different positions such as: the bride pulling the groom onto the cake, the groom looking at his watch with his golf clubs, the bride fishing for the groom, etc.

Ethnic Toppers

Your topper could also express your ethnicity. You can now choose Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian or African American bride and grooms cake toppers.

Customized Hair and Eye Color

You can customize your cake top to reflect you and your new husband ‘ s hair and eye color. For example, if the bride has blond hair and the groom is bald, you can choose those two separate figurines and put them together to create your cake topper. The possibilities are endless. Design Modern Cake Topper Ideas

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