Denon Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500

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Denon Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500, Premium Bluetooth headphones, Anti Noise

Denon Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500 - To provide optimal comfort for portable music enthusiasts, Denon has just released its newest product, Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth headphones. Denon Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500

Denon Globe Cruiser equipped with Bluetooth headphones 40mm driver that was hidden by a soft foam earpad feature active noise canceling ear to indulge the audience of audio quality. As for the easy navigation, Denon complement the earcase with innovative rotary controls. With a rotary motion in the left side earcase, you can adjust the volume. Want to organize music playback or phone call? Simply press the button in the middle.

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In addition to cable-free, these headphones are also flexible and can be folded easily. For battery life, Globe Cruiser is claimed to last up to 10 hours. If the battery runs out, you can still use Globe Cruiser with a regular cable connection is already included in the package. For better sound quality when making phone calls, there are two microphones which features Crystal Clear Conversation. Denon Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500

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As the name suggests, this feature serves to produce a clear sound when you're call. Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Headphones priced at U.S. $ 500 and in two color choices are black and brown. In the package you purchase will also get a leather travel case and an audio cable. Sales information in Indonesia is still not known exactly, but hopefully these cool headphones will be available in Indonesia with a similar price.

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Denon Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500

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