Debit Cards to Dominate Vietnam Payment Card

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 - Business & Finance

Debit Cards to Dominate Vietnam Payment CardDebit Cards to Dominate Vietnam Payment Card

Payment card industry in Vietnam is world’s one of the most quickly growing card markets, which has demonstrated stupendous increase during the bygone few oldness. Despite the growing acceptance of credit cards, debit cards will press on dominating the market during the forecast word whereas market for credit cards is bare poor. Rising banking penetration will vanguard to higher unit of saving and current accounts, and thereby accumulation the usage of debit cards. According to our research report “Vietnam Skillful Card Market Forecast to 2013”, the market is expected to thrive at CAGR of about 20 % during 2010 – 2013. Debit cards stash trained acceptance will persevere dominating the market. Debit Cards to Dominate Vietnam Payment Card

Besides, in that the force is focusing on payment of salaries of surviving employees ended banks, rise in employment will further vanguard to higher quantity of payment cards, particularly debit cards. Vietnam’s payment card market is relatively pitiful but one of the most energizing markets in the earth. Notice of payment cards in Vietnam has soared significantly during the preceding couple of oldness. The cards are increasingly used in the figure of shopping malls and separate on – line portals that transact liveliness or world – class brands of consumer goods.

Debit Cards to Dominate Vietnam Payment Card

Our report provides an extensive research and rational analysis along with reliable statistics of the payment cards ( debit as well as credit cards ) market in Vietnam. It contains detail analysis of emerging market trends, current developments, and competitive landscape to enable clients better understand the market situation. Considering the recent developments and shift in macroeconomic factors, the report also features future outlook of the payment card industry, which will help clients in taking more rational investment decisions. Debit Cards to Dominate Vietnam Payment Card

Moreover, “Vietnam Plastic Card Market Forecast to 2013” lays special emphasis on the business profile of key players operating in the country. It has identified major players in each of the segments discussed in the report like debit cards, credit cards, etc. In addition, the report focuses on the technological developments in the payment card market and tries to answer the crucial questions that concern every investor or player looking to enter the market. Debit Cards to Dominate Vietnam Payment Card

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