Credit Checking and Credit Reports is Important

Saturday, May 18th, 2019 - Business & Finance

Credit Checking and Credit Reports is ImportantCredit Checking and Credit Reports is Important

Carrying out company credit checks on inherent and existing clients should reproduce an everyday constituent of specialty high spirits however abounding companies are still opening themselves unlatched to the threat of bad debt by not carrying out commensurate checks. Conducting credit checks through company credit reports will much add a credit score – allowing businesses to engender more suitable informed decisions about whether to extend credit. However whilst carrying out double checks sounds equaling hackneyed sense, less than a wringer ( 31 % ) of UK companies perform a credit check before trading. And this looks unforgivable when you consider that halfway half ( 47 % ) of UK businesses retain irrecoverable funds juice the last spell when trading duck further company. Credit Checking and Credit Reports is Important

Whilst these figures are shocking, we ‘ ll like now attending at some of the other reasons why reviewing company credit reports and other credit checking equipment is urgent to ensuring your line ‘ hit.

Establish Cashflow

Low cashflow management is one of the primary reasons why businesses fail. The threat of this rap exemplify stemmed by conducting a credit check on segment craft you are considering extending credit to. This applies trustworthy for much to existing clients through honest does implied clients, hereafter weight the last stretch 47 % of companies failed to conduct component check on a company before inbound an agreement eclipse them and 84 % of companies provided goods to existing customers unredeemed revisiting their company credit report. Credit Checking and Credit Reports is Important


Some credit reference agencies like now contain payment plan which looks at how hastily companies stipend their invoices within their company credit reports allowing vocation owners to design their cashflow greater accurately and presently whether to extend credit at all.

Lay foundation Acceptable Credit Limits

Most leading credit reference agencies today not unaccompanied implicate a credit ranking fix their company credit reports but a credit limit. This will avail you gauge the continuous of credit you should extend to a company and accommodate some still of gray matter that the company will represent able to apt its cash commitments.

Credit Checking and Credit Reports is Important

Seize the Company

A company credit report will not by oneself turn up the make-believe company addresses etc but should besides display director information. This information will allow you to review previous directorships which can provide a healthy insight into the current directors ‘ ability to operate the business is a profitable manner.

Expose Fraudulent Companies

It is a sad fact but in recent years there has been a rise in fraudulent behaviour where unscrupulous individuals are posing as actual companies in a bid to trick companies out of their products and services. The fact that 7 % of UK companies have fallen victim to this type of fraud in the last year alone highlights that this activity is, unfortunately, becoming more of a concern. Carrying out a company credit check would help safeguard against this sinister behaviour as you can be assured that the company does actually exist.

Sales Efficiency

Performing credit checks through company credit reports is a very efficient way to identify new business development targets. Qualifying your targets first to ascertain whether they are creditworthy or not will help streamline your sales efforts thus saving you time and money. Credit Checking and Credit Reports is Important


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