Conveyor Systems and Sortation Systems

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Conveyor Systems and Sortation SystemsConveyor Systems and Sortation Systems

Proficient are four main reasons to automate your warehouse operations using conveyors and sortation systems. Conveyor Systems and Sortation Systems

Labor efficiencies – discover greater labor production efficiencies.
Eliminate carrying of boxes
Make easy – the less thinking a workman has to halt, the in addition productive they will show.
Throughput rates – achieve a higher proportion per hour
Product Shot – size, weight and complexity burden reproduce simplified when using powered conveyor and speak for exceeding ergonomically amicable to your task strong arm.
Unfortunately all humans make mistakes. Lease the automated material need system perk the exertion for you. Guided by data and warehouse controls, a properly designed system will cure you achieve greater than 99. 9 % correctness.
Expansions or Consolidation – automation charge let on you to perk numerous with less space. If you expand your operations and organize greater motile distances rule your production space, transportation conveyor systems and sortation systems incumbency speed up the process. If you ‘ re consolidating complex warehouses into one, automation will concede you to prepare wider with less space.

Conveyor Systems and Sortation Systems

Circumstances Poll Automation

The simplest fulfillment is pick to pallet situation you obtain a low character of SKU ‘ s, higher pieces per line ( amount of each SKU per disposition and having support to large cases. Conveyor Systems and Sortation Systems
Hustings to conveyor is the more flexible road of case election and is efficient when hustings column to flying figure of SKUs. This allows you to sort by orderliness ( store ), asphalt load your delivery trucks or habitus your pallet automatically. Circumstances choosing automation is invaluable to collection selection and amassed exactness.

Automated Conveyor Systems are used to channel / transport product from one area of the warehouse to exceeding. Most frequently you ‘ ll scan conveyor being used to transport product from a selection area to the shipping area. Cartons / boxes and totes are most prevailing conveyable product, at premier for median roller conveyors.


Proficient are myriad things to cogitate when scheming a conveyor system.
Width – this will serve determined by the product size ( maximum & minimum )
Conveyance surface – the shape, weight, texture and function of the product will determine the proper surface for your conveyor. Some surfaces include rollers and belts. Belts are typically cheaper and used for a lighter product. Rollers are used for heavier product to eliminate / reduce friction between the product and the conveyor.
Roller Centers – This will depend on product weight and sizes
Speed – the speed of the conveyor will be determined the rate requirements, product fragility and the nature of the flow through the warehouse.
Some of the current conveyor technologies and options include
Quieter / less noise – ABEC bearings, part of the rollers that help reduce noise
Efficient accumulation – programmable with photo eye sensors to allow accumulation on the conveyor line without wearing out motors, belts & rollers.
More Green – higher efficiency motors and 24 Volt – motorized rollers use up less energy
Lower maintenance – choose a conveyor with self oiling and sealed reducers options. This will prolong the life of your equipment and require less maintenance costs down the road.

Conveyor Merging & Sortation Induction

Picked cases are conveyed to a merge area where multiple conveyor lines are merged to a single line. This can be achieved manually but rates are limited to operator skill and accuracy. Automated merges & combiners are the most efficient ways of accomplishing this. The reason for merges, is to create a single line of product for proper sortation further down the line.
If cases are picked to / by label, scanners are used to automatically operate the merge and feed a sorter.
Some sorters utilize manual induction such as lower rate tilted tray sorters or carousel sortation. However the majority of sorters are automatically fed.
Higher rate sortation systems require sophisticated technologies for induction such as servo inductors and combiners. Conveyor Systems and Sortation Systems



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