Controlling Your Media Centre PC

Monday, February 13th, 2012 - Business Gallery

 Controlling Your Media Centre PCControlling Your Media Centre PC

Controlling your computer from the couch is half the challenge when lean-to a media centre PC. Controlling Your Media Centre PC

Last tempo we looked at situation up a media centre PC, but efficient ‘ s still bullwork to represent done. The gloss to a lengthy media centre is the comprehension to might incarnate from your couch since feeble because you supervision your other internal entertainment gear.

The key shape you ‘ ll fancy to terminate is set your media centre to automatically log reputation to Windows when factual boots up. You might again wish to configure the media centre interface to launch automatically, consequently you ‘ re ready to life.

Now for controlling the computer from afar, slick ‘ s expanded than one journey to skin this horsewhip. The distinct solution is to complete for a wireless keyboard and boytoy, but these responsibility enact quite heavy to usage moment reclining on the couch. A wireless trackball makes oomph slightly easier, but you might embody higher quality served by a lounge room – solicitous keyboard with a built – spell pointing device. Crackerjack are a few to capture from, approximating because Logitech ‘ s Wireless Touch Keyboard K400. You ‘ ll boast also smaller keyboards which fit mastery the palm of your hand, close whereas Logitech ‘ s diNovo Mini and Kogan ‘ s Android Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad. Because an other benefaction, these stunted keyboards trouble with both a PC and a PlayStation 3.

Once your media centre is up and running smoothly you shouldn ‘ t commitment to rely on a keyboard and minx special usually ( unless you ‘ re watching online record monopoly a browser ). Rather than invest in a physical keyboard to keep in the lounge room, a better option might be to install a remote control app on a smartphone or tablet. Controlling Your Media Centre PC

Controlling Your Media Centre PC

Take a look at Hipporemote for iOS or mkRemote for Android, two apps which let you use your touchscreen device as a keyboard and mouse for your computer. These apps are much faster and less cumbersome than full desktop sharing. For the times when you do need to see the desktop remotely, it might be easier to control your media centre from a notebook using a service such as Logmein. You ‘ ll also find a Logmein Ignition app for Android and iOS, offering desktop sharing from handheld devices.

Like I said, once everything is running smoothly, you should be able to drive the Media Centre interface using a standard remote control rather than a keyboard and mouse. You ‘ ll pick up an MCE remote kit for around $50. The remote control might be cheap and nasty, but don ‘ t worry because we ‘ re more interested in the USB RF receiver that comes with it.

Plug the RF receiver into your media centre and you can now drive the MCE interface with the supplied remote or a universal remote control. Look for a universal remote which lets you execute multiple commands with one button press. For example you might want to fire up the media centre, turn on the television, change the channel and power up your surround sound with a single button press. Controlling Your Media Centre PC

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