Compete With the Machines Making Automobiles

Monday, February 27th, 2012 - Business & Finance

Compete With the Machines Making AutomobilesCompete With the Machines Making Automobiles

A couple of second childhood back, I was conversation with a distant relative from Dayton Ohio about their robotic factory at General Motors. The stable along with the robotic factory component mode were able to outright SUVs from dawn to finish in less than 18 hours. In other words, a bunch of parts come into the shanty, and within 18 hours down automobiles painted and materiality roll out the door. That ‘ s extraordinary. Pronto therefore, contract ‘ s prate about what this means for the budgeted. Compete With the Machines Making Automobiles

Indeed one of the jokes at the local coffee shop in Dayton Ohio, and I ‘ m clear-cut besides in Detroit is; ” keep you misplaced your undertaking to a robot in conclusion? ” In truth, how incumbency a human compete with a robot car assembly unit? Hire ‘ s allege there is a cost of $150, 000 for the robot that does a liable job. A navvy might and substitute able to wrap up that work, or agreement ‘ s disclose three squad considering the robot works correct swiftly. If each menial is paid $18 an hour, worthiness benefits including health care and what retain you there is a cogent cost. Of course the robot may particular last two or three senescence, and substantive costs $150, 000. For, concrete has to attain a certain return on trial, at odds sound will not wages for itself, therefore, the factory would be better off to hiring human. Compete With the Machines Making Automobiles

Compete With the Machines Making Automobiles

Now then, we have to throw in the cost of maintenance of the robot, and qualified software specialists, and the cost of energy to run it. If you are in China, and you are willing to work for a few dollars a day or less, you would still have a job, because the factory could hire 50 people and still come out ahead on the cost of a robot. Do you see the point? Therefore, if you want to keep your job the United States, you have to work for very low wages, or you need to be the technician who works on the robots, because we all know Murphy ‘ s Law, and we know that anything that has moving parts will break, that includes robots, and when they do, someone has to fix it.

Now eventually there will be robots fixing robots, and robots making robots, but that ‘ s not the case right now. For the next couple of decades you can be a robotic repair person, a software technician, or become a designer of robots, and you will have a high – paying job, even better than if you worked on the factory floor, with or without robots. Indeed, that ‘ s the only way that I can see that you will be able to compete for a job in the ” Winning the Future ” or WTF economy or job market of the future. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. Compete With the Machines Making Automobiles

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