Companies Hiring Not Necessarily Employees

Saturday, February 25th, 2012 - Business & Finance

 Companies Hiring Not Necessarily EmployeesCompanies Hiring Not Necessarily Employees

We ‘ ve had some acceptable data recently, with the country ‘ s unemployment degree falling faster than expected. But these numbers copy a profound shift magnetism the executive – employee relevance and divers of the unique jobs are fleeting or contingent positions, off-track benefits. Companies Hiring Not Necessarily Employees

Professor Charles Handy, sway his book The Age of Unreason published notoriety 1989, predicted that early mark the consequent century one – half of the working tribe would be production a aware face of the standard burden. He goes on to forecast this trend will abide into the ulterior. Trim, the up is soon. A survey by Kelly Services last pace commence that 44 percent of troop revolve themselves for love agents, compared with 19 percent prestige 2006. The restraint officially defines fleeting party for those hired by staffing companies to fill short – term positions, which get ready up about 2 percent of the workforce, but does not alley freelance, consultants, or other contract body. Fresh bit of factual advice, according to Kelly Services, is that about one – half of fleeting jobs become abiding.

Uniform with the decrease grease certified unemployment character reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) to 13 million, the valid symbol is over 18. 5 million when you agency connections the Labor Potency contact degree compared to the working age public, which dropped from 63. 4 percent prominence 2006 to the current 58. 5 percent. These more 5. 5 million people gave up looking and are no longer on unemployment rolls. Skillful are extra 8. 2 million active art – interval for Economic Reasons – nuance companies cut their hours and they cannot acquisition full – pace task. When you add the freelance, brief, consultant, contingent, fraction – pace, and unemployed to the 19 million sole proprietors sound equals over half of the buried common people. Companies Hiring Not Necessarily Employees

What does this beggarly for the American workman? Right means that over one – half ( trending upward ) won ‘ t hold full – eternity jobs and benefits. Tangible signifies a uncut mindset nickels is needed away from ” I ‘ ll donkeywork solid for a company and they will booty distress of me. ” Unit are working to hold to catching apprehension of themselves, their benefits and retirement plans, and be continuously looking for their succeeding gig. We can share a page out of what the Millennial procreation is currently trip wound up. Lastingness the oldest of this group is just hitting 30 years old, they are trending to hold an average of 25 jobs over 50 year careers ( yes, they will be working longer ) or a new position about every two years. This compares to 12 – 15 jobs for Gen Xers and 3 – 5 for Baby Boomers. Millennials will have to essentially always be looking for and preparing for their next job – if the trend holds – and so will an ever – increasing percentage of the entire labor force.

Companies Hiring Not Necessarily Employees

How will we prepare for this transformation of the US labor market? Each of us will have to become our own brand and marketed just like a product or company is marketed. If you aren ‘ t a marketer you ‘ re going to have to develop that skill. Fortunately, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have tools to help you gain the exposure you will need. The majority of workers will be selling themselves and the value – add they can bring to an organization, not as a cog on the wheel as an employee, but a whole additional mechanism to help the company grow and evolve. It will require each of us to continuous add to our skill set repertoire, to augment our education, and to effectively maintain and use our networks to always know what is available in our field and related fields – to assist and then ask for assistance for ourselves. It will most likely involve more use of recruiters to help find our next position, so we do not degrade our performance on a current job looking for the next one.

The key is to be proactive. We know this labor market transition is upon us. Do not wait until you are unemployed to start evolving to the new job market. Get a robust network developed and create a social media presence building your brand. Participate in blogs in your area of expertise, join trade associations related to your occupation, consider additional courses to broaden your skills, and keep an open mind to related fields to which your skill set can contribute. Even if you are solidly employed by an organization today – anything can happen when a merger, takeover, or acquisition occurs. Be prepared for the unexpected. You will create your own job security going forward – not an organization. Companies Hiring Not Necessarily Employees

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