Choosing a DSLR Camera Tips for beginners

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Choosing a DSLR Camera Tips for beginners

Choosing a DSLR Camera Tips for beginners – Today, there are some friends who asked me, and this question is often asked:

“Sir, I want to have a DSLR camera and I am a beginner, is learning, still an amateur, and what type of camera where it is right for me?, Where the Nikon or Canon Good?, Type of which is the best?, It costs how much?”. Choosing a DSLR Camera Tips for beginners
Choosing a DSLR Camera Tips for beginners

“There is no brand DSLR cameras or any type that is only intended for beginners, amateurs, a new study, even a professional or senior course. I have a friend, buy a new week has been photographed with the Canon 5D 24-70 mm lens L-Series. There is also the anniversary pictures, buy a Nikon D3X full lens all the super expensive.

Well, there is also, a friend who was a professional photographer, his work is expensive, privately owned and carried a camera everywhere only the Nikon D80, even for a particular purpose, he just rent. Then, if you have this, is there any particular brands or types of cameras is reserved for a particular class? Is not it?. Choosing a DSLR Camera Tips for beginners

Good where the NIKON or CANON?

All depends on taste. All good. Nikon or Canon is not possible or any other brands besides, removing items that are not good. All would have gone through strict quality control. For who are learning, will be more beautiful and more powerful if it is after a couple of times and to mutually use the camera, you can find out which one is best for your own.

Which type is best and how much it costs?

Talk a good type which, if the specifications are the same type or between several options, pick out the most recent series. In the Canon brand, the type is a little more and then great numbers of that type, for example from the 1000D, 550D, 60D, 7D, 1D. On the Nikon brand, almost the same, only there are some differences. For the price and description details, please googling.
how to choosing DSLR camera

Buy a camera appropriate funds or budget you have. Buy a brand that in most environments you use it, the reason: so you are easy to learn together. If there is anything, you can simply ask your friend who has a camera with the same brand.

If the fear is broken, buy a simple course, the price is still relatively cheap and affordable for us. Tomorrow, at some stage, if we’re feeling worth buying a more expensive and super, buy anything and just any price, as you like. Choosing a DSLR Camera Tips for beginners

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