Chinese Footwear Retail Market

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 - Business & Finance

Chinese Footwear Retail MarketChinese Footwear Retail Market

Liberalization and globalization posses prone required impetus to the Chinese footwear sector, enabling substantial to mature the largest footwear resultant country. According to our research report “China Footwear Market Analysis”, the trained footwear retail market is looked for to grow at a CAGR of around 10 % during 2010 – 2013 to stretch US$ 15. 4 Billion by the spire of 2013. The main impetus incumbent for this growth will be neighborly aware standards, burgeoning middle class bourgeois, and perfecting demand for branded and fashionable footwear. Chinese Footwear Retail Market

Recent changes mastery the wholesale footwear industry due to the imposition of taxes and market restriction hold created a strenuous structure for shoe companies dominion China. Multifarious firms are shifting their spotlight to the ASEAN and Middle East countries to reduce their charge. However, China has a huge maid market apart from overseas countries to stock up. Development e – commerce and trained sales along with overseas expansion are creating huge opportunities for footwear manufacturing companies. Our research report provides an pressure – sight of the impending growth prospects and emerging industry trends. Chinese Footwear Retail Market

Chinese Footwear Retail Market

We posses found that the urban demand for hide shoes has experienced some fallback and is being replaced by casual shoes. However, demand for rod and high – end leather shoes worn at office along with formal dress remains strong. Rural market is still focused on rubber shoes. With the trend of gradual urbanization in the consumption habits of rural residents, substantial growth in leather shoes can be expected in coming years.

Our study comprises thorough research and in – depth analysis of the Chinese footwear market. Detail data and qualitative analysis will help clients to evaluate the leading – edge opportunities critical for the success of footwear market. We have also presented the future outlook of the footwear market in terms of production, consumption and exports along with the shares of different shoe segments like, leather shoe, rubber shoe, and plastic shoe. We have also covered a brief business description of key players along with their strengths and weaknesses. Chinese Footwear Retail Market

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