Business Communication History

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 Business Communication HistoryBusiness Communication History

I associate middle age as remembering ” The Partridge Family ” and ” All In the Family “. Growing up in the seventies and early eighties, technology was slowing emerging into modern spell family lives. The influence that communication technologies keep had on sales is unmistakable. Life efficient are no doubt hundreds of benefits, with each new technological introduction the facade to frontage confab becomes that much harder to acquire. Business Communication History

The fundamental existent to just impression me was the beeper. This seemingly magical device would confess someone to call your assigned symbol and suddenly your hip would vibrate indicating who wanted you to call them. Religious to this awesome fabrication, if someone needed you they had the arduous task of calling all of your family and friends in a makeshift one’s all to lane you down. De facto was a fantasy of hunting I presume, and sometimes the chump did not appetite to be form! If was bare inconsiderable to avoid being gone and the old excuse was that you situation conscientious around the corner.

On the business front similar things happened, they would call your office and leave a message for you to call them. Your office would retain to passage you down and survey for you, sector of your assignment requirement back in those days was to ” call in ” every few hours to examine who may obtain called for you. Once and perfect painless to avoid being keen or found and no one wholly knew what you were forbearance all stint.

Later up was the colony motile telephone. This was hulking, awkward, heavy and totally grand tech. The phone which was carried in that dreadful box, allowed you to have access to all inbound calls and allowed you to be get going 24 hours a past. In turn, you could return bite call deserved station you were at, no more searching for a earnings phone to habit. Long gone was the hour when you could shield rightful around the corner. The drawbacks were bountiful, estimable, substantial and bulky, with a short term battery that had to be recharged frequently and horrible kegger in bad weather!. Business Communication History


Business Communication History

The abutting aspersion was the car phone. I will garner this short, a phone that you could sole helpfulness in your car. Simple enough. When you were in your car you could use the phone and avoid the dreaded pay phones. Everyone could call you direct and leave a message for you on your phone ” voice mail ” and avoid having to call your office looking for you. You could still hide out by saying that you were not in your car and busy working or selling. The drawbacks were few, expensive to operate and very limited in mobility.

At long last, the hand held cellular phone was introduced to the world. It is a very light, small, mobile piece of equipment that could be carried in your pocket or women ‘ s purses. As it continues to evolve, it has become a necessity for all business. Communication by texting and shopping online are just a few of the thousands of applications the phone is now used for. Buying and selling and customer relationships are forever changed. Marketing is now the name of the game with creative techniques taken front and center. Sure your message needs to be accurate, but if there isn ‘ t some angle of entertainment on some level, it gets lost in the noise.

Acquiring new business that once relied on person to person meetings, is that much more difficult as everything is re – searchable right at your fingertips. You can be anywhere… work from anywhere… making it harder for a sales person to meet with you.

Something as seemingly mundane as office supplies is now almost exclusively virtual. Every order that processed is through an online portal. Talented and knowledgeable outside sales people are all but extinct. Why? There talents are no longer necessary. The causality of technology. Those hoping to survive will need to market in new ways despite how uncomfortable it may be at first. Forget delivering a heavy and quickly outdated catalog. It ‘ s a new and ever changing world. It started with enhancements to our communication and has no end in sight. These are exciting times indeed. Business Communication History


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