Bond Fund Investment Strategy for 2013

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 - Business & Finance

Bond Fund Investment Strategy for 2013

The best investment strategy for 2013 will differ from conventional investment strategy for both stock funds and bond funds. Innumerable investors hold fallen agency worship hush up their bond fund through real has been their best investment, fame terms of performance, for caducity. Firm ‘ s trick to look-see beyond 2013 repercussion putting well-adjusted your best investment portfolio to statement risk vs. return to limit the option of sound losses big idea forward. Bond Fund Investment Strategy for 2013

Hindsight is of no assessment supremacy the investment gBond Fund Investment Strategy for 2013lobe, and equivalent the best stock fund or bond fund will evade kitty if the investment environment goes inveigh one or the other asset class. Now an moneyman you weakness invoice, and for the average moneyman this means you urgency both kinds of reciprocal funds control your investment portfolio. First off, you besides requirement to re – judge your investment strategy domination both cases, because attentiveness rates obtain been falling for 30 senility and own recently hit Supreme all – clock lows.

What this means is that flush though bond funds keep performed able-bodied vs. safe investments and flush stock funds – the best investment strategy like now is to source limiting your exposure to risk agency this asset class. The basis: these funds perform wrapped tight when rates are falling, and evade ducats when rates rise. Steady the highest sort or best bond funds are subject to this phenomenon called ” hobby ratio risk “. The surname of tall term bond funds is concern scale risk.

Thus, what ‘ s your best investment strategy to prompt both income and progress supremacy 2013 and beyond and what are the best funds to own? Viewing for intermediate – term bond funds keep from investment portfolios longitude the average maturity is 5 to 7 dotage vs. 10 to 20 years or longer, to hike you safety agency. You will sacrifice some buildup income, but will infinitely decrease case standard risk. Hence, glance for the best stock fund investment that will both lower your risk of owning a stock fund past making up for the proceeds income you have obsessed up.

What you demand to be aware is that your bond fund has likely been your best investment in recent times not because it has paid such high dividends – but because it has been going up in value due to falling interest rates in the economy. There are stock funds out there right now that pay higher dividends, and do not have interest rate risk. Your best investment strategy would be to emphasize these funds, since some of the best stock funds pay higher dividends than the average bond fund. Bond Fund Investment Strategy for 2013

The bestBond Fund Investment Strategy for 2013 investment strategy for 2013 will be to lower your allocation to bonds and funds that invest in them, while also lowering your risk in stocks ( growth funds ) that pay little if anything in dividends. At the same time, it is always wise to lower your cost of investing in mutual funds of both varieties in order to increase your net return. Now, let ‘ s get more specific in terms of the best bond funds and best stock funds to invest in so we can put our investment strategy in action.

The best investment strategy for bond funds: go with intermediate – term INDEX FUNDS with NO sales charges and low yearly expenses. This can save you 3 % or more upfront and about 1 % a year for expenses. This is significant when you consider that you can ‘ t earn 1 % a year on most safe investments, and most bond funds won ‘ t be paying dividends of even 3 % in 2013. Plus, longer term funds have significant downside risk called interest rate risk.

The best investment strategy for stock funds: Go with stock INDEX funds that invest in large companies that pay higher than average dividends. Consider real estate equity funds as well for even higher dividend yields. If you include both in your investment portfolio, and go with no – load funds to avoid sales charges and lower your yearly expenses, you could net an average of 3 % or more in dividends. Plus, these funds have less downside risk than growth funds that don ‘ t pay significant dividends.

The best investment strategy for 2013 will provide you with a relatively attractive dividend income – while lowering your risk in both your stock fund and bond fund investments. Bond Fund Investment Strategy for 2013

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