Black Holes Can Throw Planet

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Black Holes Can Throw PlanetBlack Holes Can Throw Planet


Computer simulations show that the gravity of a black hole can throw the planet out of orbit. Black Holes Can Throw Planet

Lumrahnya flung planets will move with a speed of 11-16 million km per hour. However, the speed could reach 48 million miles per hour.

“The planets will be the fastest moving objects in our galaxy,” says Avi Loeb, a researcher at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts, United States, as quoted by the BBC, Friday (23/03/2012).

Keep in mind, with that speed, the planets move 450 times faster than the speed of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. With that speed, people can go from London to New York in less than 1/2 seconds, or could go to the Moon in just 30 seconds.


How can the planet was thrown?. Black Holes Can Throw Planet

These events can be experienced by the planets that exist in binary star systems or a solar system that has two stars.

If the solar system is near a black hole, the black hole would take one of the stars. Meanwhile, another star will be thrown away with super-high speeds.

Planets orbiting a star that could be eaten was thrown.

According to astronomers, the planet is never observed throwing seven years ago. Astronomers detect the presence of a celestial body that moves out of the Milky Way at 2.4 million miles per hour. Black Holes Can Throw Planet


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