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BENEFITS of GOLD INVESTMENT – It was, almost no women are not familiar with gold jewelry. But, how many women who wear gold jewelry for investment purposes? Many, of course. When investing, women want a product that is its form, can be held and can be seen. That is why the choice of women to invest not far form of savings, deposits, gold, and property. BENEFITS of GOLD INVESTMENT

Gold was chosen as one form of investment because its value tends to stabilize and rise. Very rarely gold prices fell. And again, gold is a tool that can be used to ward off inflation which often happens every year.

BENEFITS of GOLD INVESTMENTGold is available in various forms, ranging from bars or bullion, gold coins and gold jewelry. Called gold because gold is shaped like a flat bar or brick, where the gold grade is 22 or 24 karat, or if the percentage is 95% and 99%. This type of gold is the best for investment because wherever and whenever you want to sell, its value will be the same. These values follow the applicable international standards on resale value.

Then, the second is a gold coin, which the form of gold like this is one other form of gold bullion coins that have been formed into pure gold. Values and the levels were similar to gold bars. To note is that the great gold coins for investment. But unfortunately, now the gold coins are difficult to be found again in the gold shops.


What about gold jewelry? Although the form of gold jewelery is preferred by women, but generally not good for gold jewelry made media investments. Why? Therefore, the manufacture of gold jewelry requires certain services to be able to have such a distinctive characteristic. That is why, gold jewelry making charge to the purchaser. BENEFITS of GOLD INVESTMENT

Thus, in addition you buy gold, you will also pay the cost of manufacture. Not to mention when talking about models that are not up-to-date anymore outdated alias.

Traders in the gold shops had to be ready to bear ketidakaslian gold and gold levels to drop. So, even if they buy again, they have to melt gold. That’s why gold jewelry prices will come down when we sell.



  • Gold values are not affected inflation, so if inflation rises, the price of gold also increased, so the assets we have not reduced the amount
  • Gold values are not affected by the economic crisis, so if our country is experiencing economic crisis, then selling gold is not affected by the crisis is
  • Gold values are not affected by the banking system and government decisions, so that even if interest rates rise, the gold position remains strong and follow the inflation, and growing up
  • Gold is very easy to sell and shall be established into money, so if at any time we need money, because we easily sell at gold shops yaang numerous in the area around us.
  • Gold prices always go up from year to year and may be accepted gold suluruh people in the world

So little that I can say about the benefits of gold investment, may be able to add information to you. BENEFITS of GOLD INVESTMENT