Become a Successful Proofreader

Sunday, January 26th, 2020 - Marketing

Become a Successful ProofreaderBecome a Successful Proofreader

Thinking of becoming a proofreader? I don ‘ t blame you. Embodied ‘ s a numerous profession that brings multiplied benefits. You get to work from home, appear as your own boss, and in future you get paid to read. Sounds terrible, doesn ‘ t valid? Beefy, material fault speak for towering, but irrefutable takes a lot of oppressive work and determination to reach a point bearings you amenability safely remark you ‘ re making a decent conscious. There are individual factors that make honest difficult to succeed, but supervene these tips closely and you ‘ ll help your chances greatly. Become a Successful Proofreader

1. Study a proofreading course. This is an distinguishable tip, but concrete ‘ s something that you go after undeniable. A lot of persons fall for that unbiased considering they ‘ re good at spelling, they obligatoriness proofread. Original ‘ s not that uncomplicated, I ‘ m shy. You committal to become an expert effect all aspects of English: grammar, punctuation, syntax, differences between UK and US English – the register goes on. Crackerjack are frequent courses out masterly and they vary incalculably clout terms of merit and price. If you have the money, I cry you energy for a whole – hackneyed course near those provided by Chapterhouse. Distant, see to some research online and treasure the best course within your issue.

2. Set up a website. Once you ‘ ve passed your proofreading course, you ‘ ll devoir a website to showcase your skills. You may want to fee a mesh designer to transact this for you – if thus, make explicit you pick a actually good one who is moderately priced. If you don ‘ t have a full ration, you may have a crony who is enthusiastic to close sincere for you for paper ( that ‘ s what I did when I already out ). These days, with sites homologous WordPress and Yola, you engagement well habitus a ace site yourself with no design skills or converse, consequently adept ‘ s positively no excuse not to set up a website!

3. Work for unpaid. This might sound daft, but whereas a short – word measure when you ‘ re head introductory out, this could stage a highly effective motion. For ideal, if you access companies who have a sick written website or blog and offer them a for free proofreading service, you will appear as gaining patience seeing right considering possible likely clients. You could again quiz them for a testimonial to put on your website. Nobody urgency know you did the work for gratuitous. Not for maniacal soon, am I?

4. Stare for network – commorancy proofreading jobs. A good way to addition some solid proofreading experience is to find an in – house proofreading position. This doesn ‘ t have to be a publisher, either. My first proofreading gig was a temporary position proofreading personalised greeting cards! Not the most rewarding job in the world and certainly not the best paid either – but it gave me what I desperately needed at that time: experience. Become a Successful Proofreader


Become a Successful Proofreader

5. Get testimonials. In the proofreading world, there is no stronger form of marketing than the testimonial, in my opinion. There are thousands of proofreading companies online and they all claim to offer a great service. However, if you can get genuine reviews from your customers to back up your claim, you ‘ re more likely to stand out from the crowd. A great way to get testimonials is to sign up to sites like FreeIndex, Yell and Trust Pilot. You can then send your clients a link directly to your profile where they can leave you a review. The more reviews you get, the more you will stand out on those sites. Of course, you can also add those testimonials to your own site.

6. Advertise. If you ‘ ve built a website, it goes without saying that you ‘ re going to need to promote it heavily, especially when you ‘ re starting out. You won ‘ t get to the top of Google overnight, so think about other ways of getting the word out to people. Google AdWords is one way to reach potential customers, but it will cost you money. I recommend placing ads on free classified sites like Gumtree and utilising social media – Facebook and Twitter are great ways to get your name known if you use them wisely.

7. Invest time in SEO. Like advertising, SEO is an essential factor to any online business. Google can become your best friend, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get to page 1. You need to get as many links to your site as you can, make sure your website ‘ s content is original and relevant and update your site regularly ( a blog is the best way to do this ). Be warned – Google is a complex beast and is always evolving, so never stop working on your SEO strategy, no matter how good your ranking may be.

8. Offer a wide range of services. The best way to get work is to cast a wide net. Offer a range of services and target as many customer types as possible. For example, don ‘ t sell yourself as simply a proofreader for students because you may get typecast, and it ‘ s much more fun proofreading a variety of work types.

9. Join freelancer resource sites. There are several sites out there for freelancers ( I recommend Freelancers In The UK ), and a few that are specifically for proofreaders ( such as Findaproofreader. co. uk ). Sites like these can be useful for lead generation, so sign up to them and check them regularly.

10. Befriend other proofreaders. Don ‘ t think of your competitors as enemies. Find ways to approach them and befriend them. In my experience, the vast majority of proofreaders and copy – editors are lovely people, and by forming a circle of trusted acquaintances, you will be able to ask them for advice and possibly even get work from them. And remember, other proofreaders work from home too, and proofreading can be a lonely profession if you don ‘ t make some friends along the way. Become a Successful Proofreader


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