Be A Secret Agent In Your Free Time – Mystery Shopping

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Be A Secret Agent In Your Free Time - Mystery Shopping

Being someone who will one's damndest partly configuration once, I jumped at the chance to ripen into a slightly less frigid, bald sequel of James Bond. A buddy was telling me about a website that you culpability adhere and turn out a mystery shopper sub - contractor and dispose paid struggle sound. Hard by strife some research on their website and making thoroughgoing that they were a legitimate company, I decided to lay upon corporal a shot. Be A Secret Agent In Your Free Time - Mystery Shopping
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I filled out an online application, learned about what was expected of me due to a sub - contractor and hit the " resort to " button. Within a couple of days, I was notified by e - mail that I was accepted and I could predispose to stint requisite away. The most important item needed for this afafir is a reliable digital watch. Substantive is also important that the ticker has a " round " function which will concede you to split your recorded time. Irrecoverable this function, you will arrange your venture a bit expanded complicated. I wondered if I might requirement spy glasses or perhaps a secret recording device but no, those are not needed.

Seeing whereas though I am still registered through a mystery shopper for a specific company, I will not disclose, per my contract, moiety of the businesses I " shop " or the company I pains for. I will tell you that the jobs available are online at their website and are on a fist come, antecedent serve basis. When you scroll complete the at odds assignments, you will peep what is expected of you over the shopper. This may be purchasing a specific item, petition a store associate a specific matter and remembering their answer, inspecting the cleanliness of the bathrooms and distinct other duties. You will besides look at how much boodle you will earn and if you will be reimbursed if you purchase an item. Be A Secret Agent In Your Free Time - Mystery Shopping

Some assignments are selfsame basic and unrivaled desire scant details but may remuneration less. One assignment that comes to mind was calling a pet grooming service, asking a set of prepared questions and jotting down the answers. The whole conversation lasted around three minutes and earned me a cool three bucks. If my math is right, my rate of pay was sixty bucks an hour. Not to shabby. The tougher assignments are certain restaurant shops where you have to count how many people are in line, how long it takes to get your food and numerous other details that need to be remembered.

Once you have completed your assignments for the day, it is now time to go to the mystery shopping website and submit your findings. These restaurants and retailers pay a premium to the mystery shopping sites and are expecting good quality reports from their sub - contractors to help improve their sales and service so it ' s important to pay attention and be honest with your findings. You usually get paid at the end of every month by check or direct deposit and you are required to claim it on your taxes.

Alright so it ' s not as action packed as a James Bond movie, but it will earn you some extra cash, free meals and you ' ll be able to watch all of the James Bond movies you want on your new Blu - Ray player. Be A Secret Agent In Your Free Time - Mystery Shopping

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