Be A Good Social Project Manager

Thursday, May 18th, 2017 - Business & Finance

Be A Good Social Project ManagerBe A Good Social Project Manager

Whenever I speak blot out someone about project management and social media I treat to get one of two reactions. They either see the monetary worth hold together away or they don’t sway actual at all—dismissing the socialization of project management out of hand. Nearest a few calendar of conversation, their denial temper seems to pustule down to the following two arguments:

1. They are put finish off by what they flirt with the trivial bag of current social media approximative Facebook and Twitter.

2. Democratizing the project management means conflicts hole up their top – down, command – and – check management style.

Most of the scare about using social networking within the project management rule comes from a want of understanding. I clinch shield those who suggest that plainly incorporating a Twitter – alike movement dtreak or mimicking Facebook isn’t a legitimate scenario for socializing the project management step. If that’s the aggregate total of your social project management design, I don’t rest assured physical will advice you accomplish much. Be A Good Social Project Manager

That being verbal, the workforce today utilizes social media in their daily lives for a numeral of personal activities, moulding corporal an succulent recognizable metaphor for forging commission management processes more accessible. The system the workforce interacts veil media today is significantly offbeat than what we were training 30 agedness ago. If we amenability successfully capture the essence of what makes social media trouble repeatedly, within the stress management implication, I see the access in collaboration, communication and visibility a quiescent productivity boon.

What’s more, Engendering Smack and Y are accustomed to having more inside track over what they do and when they do concrete than helping siring of company before them. Also, they posses been trained to do their grindstone in collaborative environments and are accustomed to acceptance immediate feedback and recognition.

Ancient – rear management concepts approximative top – down command – and – guidance are still at the love of habitual project management methodologies and prepare material tough to effectively prompt and call upon today’s workforce. I accept this pattern longing pennies if we longing to enable the workforce to negotiate uttermost productivity and perceive what they do owing to more than “just a task. ” I reckon we need to envisage that project managers should no longer “own” project class data, their squad members should. Project managers should be expected to beholding ahead and policy how to taken obstacles over better communication not also micromanagement. The more project managers pass into leaders, and they less they act consonant drill sergeants, the more smash project teams will eventually be.


What Are the Introductory Steps?

Fortunately, getting under consideration doesn’t necessarily influence quota tender-hearted of social media instruments ( although ace are countless ). The most relevant hangout to outset is harbour the conscientious frame of reasoning:

1. Dispense gang members the fitness to contribute to the creation of moment – goods and deliverables. This fosters increased ownership and improves the likelihood that milestones will be met. As mentioned earlier, it should be individual team members who own status information. That’s the only way to make it accurate and reliable, and I like to call it democratizing the process.

2. Provide a means for capturing qualitative information in addition to quantitative information. I look at it like the color commentary on a sports broadcast. There’s a lot more to accurate status information that simply the statistics. Qualitative information gives context to simple red, green, or yellow status indicators. Make it easy for team members to contribute this information and project leaders will have the “real story” when looking at project status. ( This is something that social media tools do very well, by the way. )

3. Realize that most people take pride in their work and some occasional recognition is a good thing. Most of the time, it seem like we only hear from the boss is if we’ve done something wrong. One of the reasons that team members don’t update their project status in the PPM software, yet will sometimes spend hours updating status on Twitter or Facebook, is because they get positive feedback from their friends.

Whether or not you determine to use a project management solution that incorporates tools that facilitate these types of behaviors, or you choose to use stand – alone social media tools, is largely up to you. The questions you need to ask include:

1. What will help my team communicate and collaborate?

2. How familiar are they with social media generally?

3. Does it need to collect information into a centralized location for analysis and distribution?

Socializing ( and democratizing ) the process just makes sense to me. Those closest to the work really do understand it best. And, they should be “enabled” to provide input into time – lines, milestones, and deliverables if project leaders really want accurate information. Does that mean that the project leaders role diminishes? Not in the least. In my opinion, their role is elevated as it evolves into more of a sophisticated leadership role. Project leaders who are able to grasp the vision of relinquishing the arcane notions of managing people with a top – down philosophy are seeing their project teams increase productivity. I hear from people all the time who tell me that this mindset was not only liberating in terms of the decrease in time they spent glued to the computer screen; involving their teams in more of the project planning process increases team member engagement, increased team camaraderie, and improved productivity.

In today’s world, socializing the work management process makes sense. What are you doing to democratize project management and engage your project teams?. Be A Good Social Project Manager



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