Automatic cars: Saving Lives and Parse Congestion

Friday, April 20th, 2012 - Business Gallery

Saving Lives and Parse CongestionAutomatic cars: Saving Lives and Parse Congestion

Horror films often depict a car that can run itself without the driver as a terrible thing – as a sign of the presence of spirits. But maybe in the next few years, it is no longer scary. Saving Lives and Parse Congestion

Cars that can drive itself, with the help of a computer, will appear.

Such technology is already needed now. Automatic car can not only save fuel and reduce congestion, but also to prevent accidents and save lives.

Keep in mind, the bottleneck is not caused solely by the number of cars, but also driver behavior. We take the example of traffic congestion in Jakarta. Jams often occur simply because there is public transportation or bus stop waiting for passengers. There are many private vehicles that run slowly and the flow due to the driver while playing mobile phones.

Not to mention if the driver was intoxicated or driving in a drunken condition.

Well, the human factors that are sometimes a source of problems on the highway is not owned by a computer in the car. Computers have never felt the emotion, stress, upset, confused, or drunk. The computer can also calculate the distance of the termination, keep up the pace, and has a faster reaction than most drivers on the road today. Saving Lives and Parse Congestion

Many automotive manufacturers see the benefits of developing such an automatic car. General Motors, for example, predict the semi-automatic car will appear in a few years, while the cars that really can drive their own auto market in 2020.

Electric cars from BMW will also be equipped with an assistant jam (traffic jam assistant) who will drive the vehicle at low speeds while being jammed. Audi and VW also announced that the development of their cars will be heading the same direction. Even Google has also been struggling with a project car that can run itself.

For big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, the automatic mode can provide a solution to drive. If you have previously applied the system 3-in-1 and then the ERP, present fairly enforced mandatory automatic mode, so that traffic can move smoothly and orderly. Obviously if the roads were quiet or you’re like driving, the automatic mode can be turned off again. Unfortunately, this also means that the need for a professional driver will decrease.

Are you ready chauffeured computer?. Saving Lives and Parse Congestion

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