AMR Corp Flight to Safety

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AMR Corp Flight to SafetyAMR Corp Flight to Safety

The fountain company of American Airlines became the final substantial U. S. full – fare airline to go into marshal protection. How defended are you?. Amr

What could the AMR bankruptcy engage in to airfares? Amr

They may pursue to climb. AMR ‘ s reorganization should withdraw expendable aircraft / capacity from the industry, which will acquiesce AMR ‘ s competitors to preserve flights fuller and prices higher, Helane Becker, an analyst shroud Dahlman Claret & Co., oral in a note to clients today. Amr

” Seeing prolonged being fuel is inconsistent, airlines are still process to pop to hoist ” rates, vocal Tom Parsons, CEO of wanderlust website BestFares. com in Arlington, Texas. Amr

Still, Parsons oral, the company may stand for forced to diminish fares if unspoiled bookings drop. Amr


AMR Corp Flight to Safety

American is ” power to hold to extend special competitive and they ‘ re not energy to obtain the ease of saying, ‘ Oh we ‘ re just stunt to uplift airfares. ‘ I would decent respond equitable now, we ‘ ll still mark some flying steals and deals and this is actually a great week to be buying. ” Amr

What happens to my frequent flier miles?. Amr

They are secure. American Airlines sent a letter to AAdvantage customers today saying, ” miles that you ‘ ve earned are yours and will stay yours, subject to usual policies, until you choose to redeem them. ” Amr

How likely or not is an AMR merger with another airline?, Amr

AMR ‘ s filing with $4. 1 billion in cash makes it less likely that US Airways could ” persuade creditors to agree to a merger, as it attempted ( unsuccessfully ) during Delta ‘ s reorganization, ” James Higgins, an analyst at New York – based Ticonderoga Securities LLC, said in a note today. Amr

Still, ” American potentially needs a partner to achieve more scale, ” and US Airways could be that partner, said Kevin Crissey, a UBS Securities LLC analyst in New York.

Would AMR likely reduce routes and cities serviced?, Amr

Yes, CEO Thomas Horton said today that the company will trim some flights as it reorganizes. ” The reason you ‘ ll see maybe some downsizing on routes or the number of flights they fly on certain routes is because they ‘ re going to get rid of some aircraft, ” Parsons said. Amr

What happens to my airline tickets for the Christmas and Easter holidays?, Amr

American plans to continue to honor tickets and reservations, the company said in a statement today. Amr


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