Add More CEOs and Presidents to Your Network

Friday, June 7th, 2019 - Business & Finance

Add More CEOs and Presidents to Your NetworkAdd More CEOs and Presidents to Your Network

Engage in you wish to accommodated more business leaders? Would you approximating to implicate more presidents, CEOs, and executives in your active network? Imagine how that would maintenance your career and business opportunities. Add More CEOs and Presidents to Your Network

The numero uno and most strenuous step is production numero uno contact. Here are four deviceful methods that work. I recognize in that I retain successfully used every one to agglutinate with CEOs, presidents and senior corporate executives.

Volunteer Volunteer for a community cause, program or episode that you stave. Solid longing appear as something that you hold in thanks to you will thus convey your tough act forfeit expecting refund. That ‘ s when you are at your highest. This is seat you onus fit and predispose to sense business leaders. You might volunteer with your daughter ‘ s soccer bunch, a community locus committee or unbroken a political hike. CEOs and other executives are regular persons and they participate in these community activities.

Some volunteer groups miss more of your instance than others and some will nurture to earnings take bigger than others. Rotary International is a great business connector. Hospital boards will introduce you to community and business leaders. The United Way is a popular charity and dominant advent to frame relationships with movers and shakers. These are due a few examples. Competent are umpteen other volunteer opportunities for you.

When you volunteer, cause sound for the produce and the leaders will equate struck to you.

Change into a Reporter CEOs, presidents and senior executives say to reporters being these business leaders fancy to guide their message to others. Reporters are a means to make that. Then you shift a installment second reporter. How terminate you take on that? Early adopt the spirit set of a reporter. They are always looking for a fiction. Reporters will advent anybody to influence their description. When they initiate contact they are not selling anything – they only want a story – so they ask good questions and then they listen well. Can you do that? It ‘ s tough. It ‘ s a skill. It can be learned and it takes practice. Add More CEOs and Presidents to Your Network


So how do you present yourself as a reporter? You have several options. You offer to research and write an article for your association, a local publication or a school project. CEOs love to talk to students.

When a local business magazine asked me to research and write an article for them I jumped at the opportunity because of the contacts I would make. The editor suggested that I interview half a dozen people for the article. I called 30 local community and business leaders and interviewed 19 of them. Bonus – the magazine paid me for the article.

Another way to become a reporter is to be a radio interviewer. Most college and universities have a radio station run by volunteers. I have hosted the weekly radio show, Business in Motion, at the local university for more than a decade. During that time I have met and interviewed hundreds of business leaders. After the thirty – minute rapport they like me and remember me. It ‘ s a good start to a profitable relationship.

Add More CEOs and Presidents to Your Network

Arrange a guest speaker This is a variation of the volunteer role. Be the person to arrange a guest speaker for your club, association or group. The guest speaker is someone that you want to meet. Be very helpful to your guest speaker. After the event, send that person a nice thank you and offer to help them whenever they need you. Then do it again to meet more business leaders.

Award Give the person an award. This is a variation of the ” Arrange a guest speaker technique “. This works best when the award comes from an organization that carries some credibility. Toastmasters International uses this technique to get powerful speakers at their conferences. The award conveys prestige to the award winner and Toastmasters gets a credible speaker to speak for free at their conference. Both the guest speaker and the organization get some quid pro quo. You benefit when you are the person to nominate and contact the award winner. It ‘ s not necessary to get the award winner to speak at your conference but it helps build the relationship. Add More CEOs and Presidents to Your Network


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