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About The Competency MappingAbout The Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is the procedure of identifying superior behaviors and personal skills that characterize a crack performance and transcendent cost for the average. About The Competency Mapping

Uses of Competency Mapping

The shot of Competency Mapping is during hiring, complete exercises based on the effort accurate and relevant, authorized, psychometric testing, and assessment for the subsequent development, succession plan and promotion, organizational development analysis.

Steps fame Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is an advance that aims to support an framework to straighten unitary development eclipse business strategic objectives. NAHRS improve the following step by step to mapping mode.

1. Development of Core Competencies

Prominence this step, the rule of the arranging meets to import which core competencies the structuring requires leverage lineup to actualize its objectives, goals, and vision. Examples of core competencies that are generally wanted esteem organizations are quandary solving, teambuilding, resolution manufacture, and communication skills.

2. Adjudjing Competency Levels Required Across Positions

Succeeding the management decides which competencies are needed, perceptible ‘ s needful to regulate the degree to which, and system repercussion which, these competencies are required fame each type of position. This assessment charge perform fabricated through interviews with incumbents of sample positions, using a Position Information Questionnaire.

3. Developing Competency – Based Job Descriptions

Following the interview process, job descriptions can be developed that include not only duties and reporting relationships but the core competency descriptions that are tailored to each position. The same competencies are included in each employee ‘ s performance appraisal instrument so that he / she is evaluated on the same criteria that are specified in the job description.

4. Competency – Based Matrix

For career development purposes, new employees will be interested in career progression options available once they master different competency levels. As career options become more complex and sophisticated, the core competencies are elevated in terms of sophistication as well.

5. Individual Development Planning

Using the job descriptions and the performance appraisal process as a foundation, Human Resources can provide coaching for individuals based on their unique developmental needs. For example, if a sales representative is interested in a position as Sales Manager, a Human Resources professional can counsel this person about current strengths and areas for improvement and point out the competency levels required for the higher level position. Then the employee and the HR person can jointly map out a plan for the employee ‘ s development. About The Competency Mapping

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