About Product and Service Codes

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About Product and Service Codes About Product and Service Codes

Product and Service Codes are a imperative gob of ropes contracting. If you ‘ ve been researching the state market, you ‘ ve likely fall into the ” PSC ” acronym before. I comprehend I was authentic frustrated man-sized to find the one whistle stop to find out what my PSC code is or what embodied matched meant. If you ‘ ve had the alike struggles, thus you ‘ re gonna love this. On October 1, 2011, a new Product and Service Codes ( PSC ) Guidebook was introduced. The updates were made to reverse changes in three areas, About Product and Service Codes:

Environmental complexion
Updates in technology and lingo
The addition of codes and terminus dating, i. e. eliminating duplicates.

The guidebook further does an select afafir of explaining the spare compound codes, detailing why the changes were made and, most importantly, helping you ascertain your codes.

Inasmuch as charter ‘ s cover the basics. PSC codes descried products, services and R&D purchased by the Civic Bridle. These codes indicate ” what ” was bought for each contract reported in the Governmental Procurement Data System ( FPDS ). PSC ‘ s have a standard code structure of 4 characters. Product codes obtain a numeral in the 1st position and Services and R&D own a letter in the 1st position. All R&D codes induce with the letter A. Service codes commence with enlightenment B – Z, depending on your industry. And Product codes all initiate with a 2 quantity amount from 10 – 99, based on industry. About Product and Service Codes


About Product and Service Codes

The guide does a surprisingly accessible venture of sorting the codes. I was able to find my PSC code from the services section in a matter of annual; and it ‘ s a 327 page manual. The product codes are managed by Defense Logistics Agency ( DLA ) Logistics Information Service. They ‘ ve been incorporated into this manual based on the Federal Supply Class ( FSC ) list from DLA Logistics Information Service. Service and R&D codes are managed by General Services Administration ( GSA ).

Knowing your code is important for several reasons, but here are a few key reasons. When you are researching which government agencies are buying what you are selling, narrowing the search by code will make your search much faster and easier. Also, when you are having bids sent to you, specifying the PSC code can yield you highly targeted opportunities on which you can bid. Finally, when you are ready to bid on a government contract, it ‘ s important to be able to identify the PSC ‘ s in the contract to ensure you have the resources to perform.

So now you have the tool to use to identify every PSC code you have in your business. If you are a service company like mine, then you will probably only have a few. However, if you buy, sell or make tangible goods, the process will be a little more arduous for you. Once you identify these codes, do yourself a favor and record and file them somewhere ( like an excel spreadsheet ). Believe me, you ‘ ll thank me later when you reference that list when you ‘ re bidding on your next contract or applying for a GSA schedule. About Product and Service Codes


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