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About Marketing For RestaurantsAbout Marketing For Restaurants

The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry network the UK duty principally represent split into three areas, fast chop chop restaurants, lank road eateries and higher deadline restaurants / fine dining. Each other these three has a peculiar bazaar to target, altered issues to moved and differential ways to mart their services. About Marketing For Restaurants

The Economy For Rapidly Moveable feast

The UK has been described seeing obese, and the main reason for this is the produce of the quickly eatable industry.

Quickly food has been marketed impact a unqualified clever way because being tasty, express and affordable; ranging from a monetary worth meal to a kebab dilatory at black.

The Economy For Large Conduct Dining

The high rise road restaurants ( the Indian, Zizzi ‘ s, Nando ‘ s etc. ) are the ones hold own felt the economic recession the most. Competition is sky-high and customers only nurse to yearning to tarriance on certain nights ( Wednesday ‘ s – Saturday ‘ s normally the premium evenings for neb flow and further Sunday for lunch ).

Great road restaurants are targeting the middle classes that are looking for an economic evening out ( normally spending less than £100 per board of 3 – 4 nation ). However through the credit crunch has affected spending, fewer mortals are alacrity out and the regulars are fewer than agency previous elderliness. About Marketing For Restaurants

About Marketing For Restaurants

The Economy For Fine Dining

Fine dining and colossal stump eating establishments are finding things a petite quiet, but persons that retain the roll to spend on level are always looking for positive dining experiences. Mortals that are partition of a corporate function at a top London restaurant or for a romantic meal are cheerful to pay a top price for quality food cooked to a high level. TV shows such as Masterchef have also helped the fine dining world in opening peoples eyes to something other than high street restaurants.

Marketing Ideas

Each of the three target their marketing in different ways depending on the kind of visitor they are trying to attract.

The larger chain fast food restaurants rely on some of the more traditional forms of marketing ( such as TV advertising ) to create a brand that everyone can associate with. The classic example being McDonalds and how they created a new brand to replace the Ronald McDonald brand. Couple this in with changing the feel of the restaurants to bright, modern, fresh gave the marketing impression of a completely new brand ( even though the food stayed very much the same as before ).

The high street eateries use discount marketing in order to attract customers in ( 2 dine for 1 on Mondays before 7pm as an example ) which does seem to work well. Websites such as Groupon also are popular to encourage more customers in and spending.

Fine dining use a completely different kind of marketing strategy; by leaning towards quality over quantity they can create a brand that can be build on. Generally word of mouth acts as one of the most powerful marketing tools in people telling friends about a great new bistro or dining experience. About Marketing For Restaurants

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