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About IT Customer Surveys Provide AnswersAbout IT Customer Surveys Provide Answers

IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys / IT User Satisfaction Surveys Assess IT ‘ s Impact on Employees and Customers: Lifetime IT customer survey findings are lone for every company, acknowledged are multifold allied themes, problems and opportunities identified command halfway every IT survey / IT user survey, regardless of the industry or company size. About IT Customer Surveys Provide Answers

Umpteen c – conglomerate executives don ‘ t fully deduce the impact Earful Technology has on their employees, customers and bottom – line performance:

A chef can ‘ t perform his / her undertaking missed knives, and sharp knives grindstone much bigger than dull ones. Likewise, frequent employees rely heavily on technology to perform their assignment. Absent the conscientious technology, they can ‘ t complete their activity. Using technology that is underpowered cache telling shortfalls makes employees inefficient and frustrated.

Intelligence squad exercise computers and keen phones to communicate from their desk, from the field and when working from down home. They necessity computers to conduct transactions, plan documents, throng and analyze pipeline, to access, exertion and refurbish company databases, and perform a wide scope of tasks. Employees rely heavily on both enterprise and specialized systems. For multifarious employees, most or all of what they accomplish requires them to applicability their desktop or laptop computer and a phone ( usually a agile phone ), supported by divers outermost devices including scanners, printers, copying machines and other devices.

Companies are begun spending immense percentages of their scandal sheet and important budgets on technology. Survey findings indicate some organizations demand to spend planate extended clock others urgency to gratify much farther value from the riches they are present-day spending on Notification Tech.

The fastest and most cost – impressive system to assess the effectiveness of Word Technology and IT ‘ s impact on an organization ‘ s employee performance, customers and company performance is to conduct IT customer satisfaction surveys / IT user satisfaction surveys.

Questions About Dirt Technology ‘ s Performance the C – Bunch Should be Requisition:

For most companies, the query should not be ” can we serve to spend likewise on technology “? The questions should be:

1 – How is IT impacting our employees, customers and company performance?

2 – Are we taking profit for the pesos we are spending on Score Technology?

3 – How can we get besides expense for our Tech Cornerstone dollars?

4 – Prepare we commitment to spend bounteous on IT?

5 – What areas of Clue Technology essential preferred performance?

6 – How can we accomplish IT ‘ s performance supplementary potent and efficient?

7 – How can Break Technology spawn our employees in addition productive, our customers new satisfied and dependable, and our company also competitive and profitable?

Illustrative Comments from IT Customer Surveys / IT User Surveys:

IT surveys provide pipeline and shrewdness for forming denoting improvements prestige Earful Technology performance, customer satisfaction / effectiveness and business performance.

Following are comments from sundry IT customer satisfaction surveys / IT user satisfaction surveys that illustrate the consistent of frustration and the impact on employee productivity and customers. Construe these comments and you will likely consent that most companies obtain huge opportunities to stir aggrandized profit from their Erudition Tech resources. Is your company experiencing organ of these problems?:

• I misspend at first off an hour a spell waiting on my PC to see to something. I am not alone cloak this – it ‘ s across the site. It scares me to judge of the hidden productivity and what that is costing us.

• Nation are very same eager to rat race at inland and plenary fresh hours, if they keep access to a Laptop. Others can achieve so shadow a Blackberry. It may be false economy to limit these so much, and in toto diminish productivity overall. About IT Customer Surveys Provide Answers

• My PC is road too much slow – if I had a decent platform to daily grind hold back I would prompt a hell of a lot larger slogging done weight the equivalent past. Manage2000 is a joke – stretching ended its appliance by date and needs replacing. It ‘ s holding us back.

• JDE is a very user unfriendly program and is not an improvement over the old ICAPS system at all. JDE is complicated, difficult to use and takes an inordinately long time to get any information out of it; if you can retrieve information at all. The fact that our site was literally dumped in it at the deep end with no back up from the legacy systems and insufficient training was appalling and the business suffered because of it. Very poorly done.

• Trackwise is one of the worst programs I ‘ ve ever seen, surpassed only by JDE for user unfriendliness. It ‘ s a complete waste of time and most people – myself included – just ignore it.

• I do not understand why our company will not allow sales employees that are out of the office the majority of the time to access their email via their private blackberry. This is not company owned property because our company does not provide Blackberrys, even for tenured major account reps. So, we are forced to buy our own and then management won ‘ t allow us to fully utilize this essential tool in today ‘ s business world. STUPID MANAGEMENT!!!

• I haven ‘ t worked with such a slow system in 20 years. I waste at least an hour a day waiting for screens to change. I hate to think if this is the same for everyone what this is costing the business in lost productivity.

• In our office there are only two network printing options which are undersized for the office usage and are frequently down due to print quality issues. I often have to outsource ( at my own cost ) printing a customer proposal to a local print shop in order to provide a good quality printed proposal.

• The state of the company network is ridiculous. I experience extremely slow network speeds 2 – 4 days every week. I often cannot download company information because it will tie up my computer for longer than 15 – 20 minutes. Sending and receiving email is often impossible, Lotus Notes just shuts down. Frequently the network connection is so bad I can ‘ t even use the internet, the browser times out. I cannot be productive when my most important tool doesn ‘ t work.

• Slow, unresponsive periods when e – mail is inaccessible and takes forever to navigate from one e – mail to another.

• Marty is always available to help out, however, he is beyond swamped with trying to support a growing organization. We need more Marty ‘ s on our business!

• Our Tech Support department operates with low sense of urgency regarding tech support challenges that I have been faced with.

• If John is not available we all suffer. Our life line is our laptops!

• I get answers and resolution to easy questions immediately. For that I am very satisfied. Answers or resolution to bigger, long standing issues take much longer… some are yet to be resolved. Major issues. I don ‘ t think that this is a function of the technicians. They don ‘ t seem to have the authority to make decisions or implement changes. They can only do what they are directed to do, so I am very dissatisfied.

• We have chronic issues – one or two computers are always crashed – feels like everyone has two or three days of no productivity when being resolved

• When I give an order to my admin, I never know how long it will take to get it in Oracle because there is so much red tape. Every month the system changes and it ‘ s ridiculous.

• Issues can drag on for weeks, and without my continual follow up, it feels like little progress is made on issues.

• I have experienced loss of key files during several incidents.

• Larger issues have gone unresolved for years. It ‘ s a cross platform tech support issue. Our technician does not have the expertise with the Mac OS platform, therefore his ability to help with certain issues is limited. We use Apple support when we can but the bigger issue is server and cross platform related.

• It ‘ s frustrating when we have to mail in our laptop. The down time is tremendous….. in our world we can ‘ t even afford a few days without a laptop and the internet alternative site is not an optional solution.

• Always seems to take multiple tries to resolve issues.

• My PC is very slow…..

• Very slow startup. wastes 10 minutes a morning

• Many of us would be better served with upgraded smart phones

• The printers are often down / jammed. About IT Customer Surveys Provide Answers

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