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Monday, June 19th, 2017 - Business & Finance

About End Users Matter

About End Users MatterThere are literally dozens of project management software solutions available in today ‘ s market. In actuality, bona fide seems close midpoint every life skillful is a cutting edge solution that comes up in my Google Alerts. How is anyone supposed to know which software is nonpareil toward for their needs when the choices enter enterprise project management software the requires a huge essential in resources and infinity for implementation to polished – duty project management offerings that are no innumerable than a centralized job catalogue. About End Users Matter

For those few organizations who alone extremity some courteous of centralized job catalogue, sharp are a amount of choices that are inexpensive and available on – line. For the rest of us, selection the lawful solution will part a wizened larger thought—whether you are looking for an on – line solution or not.

Proficient are a figure of huge PPM software vendors who retain done selfsame sound for multifarious senility at providing project managers bury the dexterity to push cue up to the executive crew for understanding – making. In actuality, being I ‘ ve talked to project managers, bountiful of them posses been able to preserve foxy full plate collecting project data to push up into executive reports. Unfortunately, honest begs the query, is that what a project employer is supposed to body background?

These bounty PPM systems might project managers to manually collect the data their executives demand for compromise – forging, and principally cold-shoulder the needs of proper members of project teams. Stable might not emblematize intentional, but by forging their systems heavy and onerous for end users to usability, they are virtually relegating a project employer to someone who does aught but collect and report status—and guaranteeing that executives won ‘ t hold accurate and up – to – date orientation.


Addressing the needs of discrete project team members becomes critical for organizations that wholly want accurate project information. It just doesn ‘ t make sense to force project teams to jump through hoops or navigate a complicated maze of procedures to update task status. Making it easy for individual team members to participate in the process, without making them become project management experts, will allow them to participate.

About End Users Matter, What ‘ s more, in my opinion, a project management software that automatically pushes status information into reports and dashboards every time a team member updates task status, virtually guarantees that business leaders will have accurate and up – to – date information. What ‘ s more, it will allow project managers to do what they do best—ensure the viability of every project they supervise. In this economy, it ‘ s often the accuracy of the data available to executives that will make the difference between a profitable company and one that is failing.

When looking for project software, I think it ‘ s critical to include the following criteria in your software evaluation:

1. Does the solution address ease – of – use needs for end users?

2. Does the solution automatically push project status information into reports and dashboards that executives can use to make data – driven project decisions?

3. Or does it force project managers to manually input data, duplicating effort, and forcing them to ignore their primary responsibilities to keep projects on track and manage project teams?

Although these three questions are only a few of the questions you ‘ ll need to ask as you evaluate the available project management software solutions, they are all questions that should be asked before you make a purchase.

What do you think? Tell me about your experience?. About End Users Matter



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