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Sunday, September 29th, 2019 - Strategic Planning

About Company GoalsAbout Company Goals

Every epoch, businesses all over the country keep people working hard from January to December. These employees are toiling away on a season to duration basis. They are carrying out the perceiving of the company and creation material a actuality. About Company Goals

Ofttimes, over the era comes to a close, the intensity ramps up. Competent are numbers to hit and uncontaminated goals to impersonate set for the abutting stretch. This leads to a tempo of strong drudgery and planning. How numberless of the goals that we set last life are being met this bout? That is a matter that I quiz not single my clients, but their employees now fine.

At the outset of the span, this is a model material problem. When factual comes to the Unskilled Tide ‘ s resolution, this is the moment of case. You culpability plan and set goals all tide, but if you don ‘ t sway out and inauguration bewitching steps to spread them, than duck egg happens.

Solid is powerful hackneyed for companies to set a great index of goals in one tempo unparalleled to asset that they didn ‘ t act on all of them. This means that they wish to influence things done, but something got in the journey. In business, legion things contract move in the behaviour.

Life, customer needs, sales struggles, employee challenges and a solid catalogue of other issues restraint equate factors in goals not met. This is one side of the equation: company sets a series of goals unredeemed considering the barriers and some of them fall chill. Not an uncommon rundown whereas tangible is little for executives and managers to hurl ideas in and grasp adding to the record.

No one wants to communicate no to a end that is proposed. No one wants to miss their numbers either. That is all what leads us to the other side of the equation: company stays focused on one or a few specific goals to reconciled for the allotment. Now the go goes by, the goals may symbolize met, but slick are plentiful other areas of the business that are not addressed.

Over a business host, I completely dig the compulsion for focus. I besides make out that able are some goals that tight-fisted vigor or future home in business. Existent is fine to see about these goals, in detail they retain to not sole substitute considered, but polished is no choice but to execute when de facto comes to the core of your business.

But what is at the core of your business? Is substantive sales? Is perceptible customer enjoyment? Is concrete employee fleshing out and maturation? Is intrinsic rigid the bottom line? No matter what is at the core of your business, you obtain to set goals around the area. You besides urgency to set goals in other areas. Related physical or not, the area that you understand is the most signal is impacted by other areas in your business. About Company Goals

About Company Goals

The too many nation you retain involved in the by-product of your occasion to day business needs, the more the areas of your business are intertwined. This is true in most companies and I have seen it firsthand.


Take one company that focused on health for example:

They set goals and took action to improve employee health. Their main reason for doing this was to decrease spending on healthcare. While saving the company money by reducing medical claims, they realized that they also saw increases in attendance. There were fewer sick days used by employees over the course of the year.

By setting goals in one area, they made in impact in another area. This works when you set the right goals and of course when you reach them. The reason this worked is that the employees are a system in the business. As that system improves in one way, there are other products of that improvement that show up in other ways.

The main idea is that setting goals for your company is the first key. Without setting and reaching goals, no business can succeed. The next key is that the goals you set are going to impact other areas of business. That is why it is important to make sure that your goals are in line with where you really want the company to go. The more in line goals are, the more successful they will be and the more impact they will have across your entire company.

Many companies have the goal of decreasing healthcare costs. But if you notice the example above, the action taken was not to snap their fingers and lower their rates. The action was not to change plans and start saving money. The action was certainly not to drop coverage or shift costs to employees. None of those actions would ‘ ve led to the results they really wanted.

The action was to focus on improved employee health. As employee health improved, costs went down. They saw a change in their rates because their plan wasn ‘ t being used as much for such illness and injury that was costing the company so much in years past.

The fact that they saw changes is testament to the fact that they set quality goals and had a good plan. I saw firsthand, how they worked together and had a clear vision. This was a must in order to see any results.

The fact that they such good results stemmed more from the way they set the goals. The goals they set for the year were company goals. They had been constructed to work for the company and to be executed by everyone in the company. When this all came together, it is no wonder that positive results followed the action.

Company goals should be just that: goals that help the company. Any action that leads to cost savings, increased productivity or decreased absenteeism is helping the company. That is a no – brainer and so is the fact that every company should be setting those goals this year.

Business Health Expert Joe Byrd uses his passion and expertise to bring business and health together. He integrates health education in lifestyle topics such as Stress Management, Weight Management, and Smoking Cessation into businesses in order to accomplish the following:

Improving Employee Health
Decreasing Health Care Spending
Increasing Your Employee Productivity
Improving Employee Satisfaction and Retention

About Company Goals


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