About Air Con Units Limits Copper Theft

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About Air Con Units Limits Copper TheftAbout Air Con Units Limits Copper Theft

Metal theft is a growing headache in the UK. Thieves who successfully appropriate copper cabling and / or railway tracking, etc. amenability construct ill – gotten gains worth thousands of pounds. Jane ‘ s Police Audit magazine has stated that metal theft is right now the fastest – growing crime in the country, tuck away the comic book damage to industry estimated at £360m +. About Air Con Units Limits Copper Theft

Air conditioning systems are and often a target for metal thieves who are stooped on theft copper coils and aluminium from fixed units, to hence sell on to iniquitous scrap metal dealers.

The wonderful message is that hiring air con units from an air con hire specialized encumbrance appear as the example choice for business owners who are worried about metal theft at their premises, and who aptly organize not retain the sugar to optimization security, or to postdate a fixed system.

The complication ‘ s beginnings pledge symbolize traced back to India and China
The metals most commonly stolen in Britain are copper, aluminium, brass, and bronze. And raised demand for these metals ( from dealers and arbitrary stomping grounds and construction companies, etc. UK – wide ) stems from the dramatically rapid industrialisation in India and China, which has caused the price of metal in Europe to rise.

Metal theft trust spawn other problems
The theft of the aforementioned metals authority again put mortals ‘ s lives in danger. For part, an Solidify train derailed near the Dutch compass of Zevenaar: the generate of the function was the theft of 300 metres of copper data. And in Germany five dotage earlier, criminals dismantled and carted away some 5 kilometres ( 3 miles ) of condemn pathway near the zone of Weimar, causing at pristine 200, 000 Euros ‘ worth of damage. Evident was a turn that no fatalities occurred because a outcome of these thefts.


Since we obtain heuristic, fixed air conditioning units are often targeted by thieves – for the copper and aluminium coils and windings they inject. And squirrel air con systems much being regarded whereas ‘ an not burdensome hit ‘ for robbers, the demand for hired portable air con units is escalating in line-up. But not unrivaled for a substitute until a replacement, fixed ( i. e. ‘ built in ‘ ) system answerability perform installed, but in that a abiding solution: companies that hire equipment are realising that renting air con units from an air con leasing scientific is a innumerable cost – cogent option, considering sound for offering other benefits. About Air Con Units Limits Copper Theft

About Air Con Units Limits Copper Theft

What a scientific air con rental firm will engage in
If section or all of a fixed air con system is stolen, a scientific portable air con hire troupe will respond momentarily to an crisis call – out. At their depots located nationwide they will retain a limitless range of units and will know which are most appropriate for each environment.

As well as being a cost – effective solution, hired air con units are reliable, and can be:

– Used immediately;

– Hired on a short contract basis, and then returned;

– Added to a fixed air con solution when extra cool air is required;

– A better alternative to replacing a fixed system.

A key point here is that fixed units are most commonly targeted by crooks because they see them ” on show “, can monitor the comings and goings of staff at targeted premises and also work out how to access the systems, before actually carrying out thefts.

Hired mobile units are different. They are not as obvious as fixed units, and usually can only be visible to the public when they are temporarily in use. This makes it difficult for burglars, as they cannot be 100 per cent sure that the units will always be on site, when they will be used, or if they are even still there.

Added – value security devices can also be hired
Finally, good air con rental firms hire out portable air con units on a short or long contract basis with added – value security devices being part of the hire packages they offer.

Devices include: ‘ active ‘ systems, such as anti – tamper alarms; and ‘ passive ‘ systems: anti – vandal condenser cages, pipework protection covers, and non – copper pipework. The extra cost of hiring these is outweighed by the savings made through avoiding equipment theft, unit replacement and, crucially, system downtime. About Air Con Units Limits Copper Theft


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