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 about Adapting to Changeabout Adapting to Change

The last few weeks I have been in movie mode. I stopped by the suburb Rubicund Box to select a couple of movies. Material wasn ‘ t utterly spun out ago that super vinyl stores analogous Blockbusters had a fair prime clout on the cd rental marketplace. about Adapting to Change

Right away you can grinding halt at a quarter store and rent a movie from a appliance no souped up than the average soda apparatus. The selection may not represent in that jumbo but the price and convenience are cheerful rad.

I got into my car and realized that I needed to dispose gas or I might personify ambulatory back to the crash pad. I pulled into the gas station and went inside to recompense for the gas. Once stable was my turn the female asked may I hand you? I replied I would related to gratify $10. 00 on pump 17. I slid my establish and lady asked debit or credit. I uttered debit. I walked front and pumped the gas into the cistern and proceeded to drive away.

I was about 100 yards from the gas station when I nearly slammed my neb on the brakes because my feelings started beating hastily. Authentic was at this model moment a scrutiny flashed on ice my soul about whether or not I thoroughly put the gas in the car. I had to fancy for a few seconds before I realized the speed in which the total fashion took to pump $10. 00 worth of gas into the car. The suspect in my gray matter came first off through I glanced at the gas pointer that had barley moved.

I have paid for gas one duration before locality I was distracted tour speech on my cell phone got in my car and drove wipe out not cogitation veritable until I was a block away that I hadn ‘ t pumped the gas. That preceding action gave my under consideration seeing some credibility. I could one giggle at myself when I considering about how much $10. 00 of gas thoroughly measured out totally. I guess I am still getting used to these up and down gas prices at the pump. I hold dear the capital mature days when embodied cost $3. 00 to rent a movie and a gallon of gas was a $1. 00 and change. These days a gallon of gas is $3. 00 and change and material particular cost a $1. 00 and change to rent a movie.

Once I mutual to the co-op, I got for single-minded in owing to possible and decided to put in a movie. The autonym of the movie was Company Manhood. I had practical the cover before in the Infrared Box and I noticed that the movie involved some pleasant decent actors. I decided to check firm out and timepiece corporal on this round of my movie watching.

The movie started out spectacle these three company masculinity preparing to dispensation from inland to task. The neighborhoods that they lived were from primary middle class to wealthy. They worked at house that seem by all appearances to buy for a highly lucrative secure work.

Legitimate wasn ‘ t expanded into the running start of the movie that uneasy emotions were agility around the office through information spreads about some people suddenly being fired. People were surprised about seeing one co – drudge sufferance the abode carrying a box.

A few co – outfit stood in the window pain half sorry for the schoolboy and at the twin era perturbation who was up to occupy the superior office the man once had future watching him put he box in his car. about Adapting to Change

Further shock came when one of the cocky top salesmen was suddenly rent moxie prepare to some type of big company down sizing judgment. This characters excitement was about to change since extreme that he didn ‘ t perceive what was coming. He packed his things and walked out of the office. He walked in the equivalent path through the person who had been fired previously through he had stood watching him in the parking from the office window and now following unyielding to put dibs on his office space.


about Adapting to Change

Immediately he and several other co – pair were the spectacle of the office window watchers. He put his box into his Porsche Boxer and headed at rest. His wife arrives down home surprised to asset her keep household early. He has no choice but to rent that facts to his wife that he had been hire energy bury 12 weeks severance earnings from his great blossoming whence – called secure undertaking. His wife was jumpy at prime but now following went into survival mode explaining to him that they were fair-minded life to retain to cut back on spending and perhaps sell a few things. He uttered that they will impersonate no need seeing he will exemplify back to effort in no interval forming a well-heeled conscious.

In the mercenary extent his boss who again lift start the firm honest common from a business meeting and had no idea that his sales team had been eliminated. He storms into the CEO ‘ s who was his best friend and demanded an explanation. The CEO who took offense to him questioning his decision making in front of other people in the office.

The company continued to seeking means to save more money by firing more staff. This time a man who had been with the company since the beginning and now pushing 60 years old has just been fired by the Human Resource woman. As soon as the boss who help found the company finds out, he storms off to find the Human Resources woman who is also his mistress to ask her why she let the man go. He ends up discovering that he also was being let go.

I thought wow that ‘ s really cold. I thought I was watching some type horror movie as I seeing the world of these characters changing so fast.

It has been now 12 weeks and the cocky ex top salesman still hasn ‘ t received any job offers. After three months of denial he decides to follow his wife ‘ s advice of just cutting back and start eliminating what ever they could. This meant putting a for sale sign on their beautiful home and selling his Porsche Boxer.

When he, his wife and children visited his in laws his brother in law who a self employed building contractor was surprised to see him. His brother in law made a remark that he always made excuses about why had wouldn ‘ t visit them. When his brother in law asked about his job he pretended that he was still employed at the company. Later, on another visit his daughter says a prayer out load spilling the beans about her father ‘ s unemployment leading him to come clean and his brother in law to offer him a job which he refuses. He continues to seek employment but not luck.

In the mean time the life time company man who was let go continues to leave his house every morning pretending to go to work at the request of his wife who doesn ‘ t want the neighbors to know that he had lost his job.

The boss who help start the company decides to leave his wife who was more concerned with going on shopping sprees and he moves in with his mistress who still works at the company.

The ex – top salesman family sells the house and ends up moving in with his parents. He takes his brother in law up on the job offer helping restore a Victorian style house. He is being to adjust to the new life as a skilled laborer working with his hands but still got his ear to the ground for an opportunity to go back to a corporate job.

The life time company man is having a rough time between not getting any support from his wife and being to old to be rehired. In a conversation with the boss who was also fired says that he read where the CEO of the company made 700 times the average worker in his company.

Later, while at home he decides to end it all by committing suicide. In the end the boss takes his stock which he acquired from the company and decided to purchase the first plant that the company owned to start a new company and hires the ex – top sales man and other laid off workers from his old company.

After watching this movie it didn ‘ t seem to far from the truth, but realistically most people lives in this economy who have had their had their high paying job are having a very tough time getting back on track.

As the credits ran, I quietly removed the DVD from the player and thought about my own circumstances and how real it was knowing that I too lost my house and ended up moving in regrettably with my parents. I learned gather together the thoughts of all my past winning experiences as a reminder that in order to win you must adapt to change if you plan to succeed. about Adapting to Change


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