9 Foods to Improve Fertility

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9 Foods to Improve Fertility9 Foods to Improve Fertility

Healthy food plays a major role in increasing the fertility of men and women. If you have a hormonal imbalance, or have a slow rate of egg production, there are some foods that can help your problem. 9 Foods to Improve Fertility


Red meat. Iron in red meat can reduce the risk of infertility is very incurred in the process of ovulation. Iron helps increase red blood cell anemia also reduce the threat. Red meat also support ovulation and efficiently maintain cell division.

Nuts. Almonds can be a solution to infertility is very tasty. Almonds contain a high vitamin E can increase women’s sex drive, while simultaneously able to protect the embryo from the miscarriage.

Oysters. Ate oysters may look unattractive to some, but those who want to increase fertility naturally be tasteful. Oysters contain zinc which is important for healthy ovulation and egg production is stable. Besides oysters, also iron contained in eggs, seeds and nuts.

Baked potato. Baked potatoes contain vitamin B which is very high. It’s perfect for the spirit of love. The content of vitamin B and E are found in these foods, which can also increase cell division and increase the chances of a healthy ovum production. 9 Foods to Improve Fertility

9 Foods to Improve Fertility


Fresh fruit. This is the best option for men who want to improve their prowess. High content of vitamin C helps prevent sperm clumping so – to ensure potential and improve the quality of sperm. Increase your daily supply of nutrients by eating kiwi, mango, strawberries, or grapefruit (a type of orange).

Brazil nuts. We’re not kidding, these foods can actually help increase sperm count. Rich in selenium, Brazil nuts known to increase testosterone as well as the performance of your testicles.

Garlic. Although often labeled as a vampire killer drug, a dose of garlic in fact greatly enhance your fertility.

Fish oil. Salmon, mackerel, and sardines can really help you be healthy and fertile. Fish oil contains essential fatty acids (EFA), which helps increase blood circulation to the reproductive system and increases the formation of sperm quality.

Chili. Eat chili dishes really make your passion increased, by any means! By accelerating the flow of blood to the area of ​​reproduction, chili could greatly improve the efficacy and quality of your sperm production. 9 Foods to Improve Fertility

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