8 Most Healthy Fruit Juice for Diet

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8 Most Healthy Fruit Juice for Diet

Not all fruit juices sehar and good for diet. Although rich in f8 Most Healthy Fruit Juice for Dietiber and vitamins, particularly some types of fruit that had been withdrawn may contain more sugar and calories than eaten directly. Therefore you must be careful in consuming fruit juice. 8 Most Healthy Fruit Juice for Diet

Here there is the exposure of eight types of fruits that have been proven healthy if consumed for diet. Eight fruit juice is now believed to be the healthiest fruit juice used as quoted from Real Simple.

1. Cider
Apple juice contains only calories by 117, eight ounces per serving. Natural apple juice contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that can fight cancer. It is also rich in potassium, iron and vitamin C. Nutrients in apple juice is not as much if eaten whole, because most of the fiber and nutrients found in apple skin. But you may benefit more or less the same if the apples blended with the skin, and drink without a filter.

2. Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice contains vitamin C, antioxidants, flavonoids (good for the heart) and antibacterial. Too few calories, only 116 per serving eight ounces. Cranberry has a pretty sour taste, so it may be less suitable for those who like sweet drinks or suffering from an ulcer. Adding sugar is also not the solution, because it will add calories. Should be taken after lunch or dinner.


3. Grape juice
In 8-ounce, red wine has 154 calories. Pieces are included in this group contain resveratol berry, grape skin compounds are believed to prevent cancer pardon. Grapes are also rich in vitamin C and potassium. Choose red wine than white wine to make juice, because it contains more resveratrol in the skin. 8 Most Healthy Fruit Juice for Diet

4. Grapefruit juice
Contains only 96 calories, but rich in vitamin C, potassium, lycopene and beta carotene. Grapefruit can cause a reaction when combined with certain drugs, making them stay longer in the blood vessels. If you are taking any medications, you should consult your doctor to be safe.

5. Orange juice
Orange juice is a source of vitamin C, potassium and folate, and contains only 110 calories. At some juice products in the packaging, there are usually additional nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Pineapple juice
Juice is squeezed directly from fresh pineapple contains bromelain, a type of enzyme found in many fruits that serve digestive problems. Pineapple juice is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6 can also reduce irritation. In one ounce of pineapple juice, contains 133 calories.

7. Pomegranate fruit juice
Also called pomegranate fruit is a source of antioxidants, one of ellagic acid. These substances can block the reproduction of cancer cells. Combine the pomegranate juice with blueberry or acai, can give you a super antioxidant-rich beverage.

8. Tomato juice
Contains only 53 calories, tomato is a fruit juice if you’re safest diet program. Some nutrients such as potassium, lycopene, vitamin C and beta-carotene is good for healthy skin and eyes.

8 Most Healthy Fruit Juice for Diet


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