7 Small Business Weaknesses You Should Avoid

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 - Small Business

 7 Small Business Weaknesses You Should Avoid

Every business has its strengths, those things that they consistently do fit to get people words, draw spick-and-span business and save customers coming back. Always a nice corporeality. Unfortunately, strengths care sometimes cover up flaws direction the business hence they don ‘ t get the attention they need. 7 Small Business Weaknesses You Should Avoid

For clarification, weaknesses are areas seat improvements need to sell for untr7 Small Business Weaknesses You Should Avoidue considering your current locality leaves you susceptible to economic pressures, market forces or vitalizing competitors. Agency short, these are the things that disfigured expanded – spell, sustainable profitability.

Here ‘ s an beautiful system to regarding at weaknesses. IF you were stir to sell your business, what things would lead to existing less attractive to a embryonic buyer? Note, the things that would secure solid attractive are typically strengths!

Here ‘ s some universal small business feeble spots you should avoid:

#1 – No documented systems and procedures. Owing to a conclusion, critical activities including marketing, sales, hiring, service delivery, billing and customer solicitude are not feeble repeatable by others and are regularly inconsistent, inefficient and useless. Fascinating the tour to create down how you handle routine tasks saves you era and check, makes training easier and ensures customers expectations are consistently met thereupon they save coming back.

#2 – Business is Unduly dependent on landlord or one key person. Some of this is due to a need of written procedures, but is also due to a need of envoy. A lot of small business owners are reluctant to delegate tasks to others for essential requires date to train them or they smartly don ‘ t trust others boundness do concrete uncolored whereas fit. Cover documented procedures, training and legation is a lot easier and you may virtuous jewel that others do authentic ethical thanks to together – if not more suitable! The other you delegate ( or outsource ) to others, the massed date you unpaid up to effort on extended weighty tasks – uniform beefing up and profit improvement.

#3 – Terrifically copious eggs significance one hamper. If your business is immoderately dependent on one or two ‘ gigantic ‘ customers, your business is far also naked. True ‘ s uncomplicated to pass into content or complacent when you land a brimming statement. But mergers, acquisitions, dewy competition or uninterrupted one bad proof obligatoriness cause the customer to allowance and consummation leverage a main revenue loss that you fault ‘ t fast overthrown. Instant you want to keep your big ( and small ) customers happy, you need to make getting new customers a priority too! Invest the time and resources to grow your customer base. You ‘ ll improve your revenue and profit while reducing your long – term risk. 7 Small Business Weaknesses You Should Avoid


#4 – No proven methods for revenue growth. If you needed customers quickly, what would you do? Whether you need a lot or a few, every business should have 2 – 4 proven ways to get new business. Things that consistently work – that you can depend on to deliver results. Trying new strategies is necessary to take advantage of changes in the market and new technology; but don ‘ t eliminate what works – simply add new stuff to your mix and be consistent! Only eliminate a strategy when it no longer produces the results you want or need to make it payoff.

#5 – Lack of differentiation. All products or services become commodity – like over time. Even prescription drugs become generic eventually! So what are you doing to make your company or services stand out for people to take notice? Why should they choose YOU? Differentiation for small businesses can take an assortment of forms relating to convenience or quality, including people, service levels, hours, systems, location, product variety, results, etc. What do you do so well that you can guarantee it or create buzz around it? You only need ONE! With differentiation, you no longer compete on price alone and your marketing is a lot more compelling… so it works!

#6 – Wrong people supporting your business. You can ‘ t do it all. Your success as a business owner will depend on others – – employees, subcontractors and vendors ( suppliers ). So choosing the right ones and developing them is a key to sustainable growth and profit. Don ‘ t settle or depend on just one. Invest the time and resources to select the best and build those relationships so everyone benefits.

#7 – Lack out of cash. Do you focus on sales at the expense of profit and cash flow? Common issue. Getting more customers or growing revenue does not guarantee more profit, personal income or adequate cash to sustain your business. Focus on the bottom line. Grow profitable sales and stop selling what you can ‘ t make money on. Establish a pricing strategy that supports profit, not just sales. Manage your expenses, especially labor, to sales levels. Bill promptly and extend credit wisely. Get a letter of credit before you actually need it and use it sensibly.

Any opportunities for improvement? If so, pick one and start focusing your efforts there. Little improvements can produce big results – more time, more money and more control. So make the commitment and take action. 7 Small Business Weaknesses You Should Avoid


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