7 Creative Ideas for a Children’s Halloween Party

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7 Creative Ideas for a Children’s Halloween Party

Here are seven fun ideas for a children ‘ s Halloween party. Some of these activities are valuable for younger kids and some are suitable for older kids. The kids will have a crash shield these activities!. 7 Creative Ideas for a Children’s Halloween Party

1 ) Own a mummy filler contest. Using a roll of wc paper obtain each child brace up harbour someone larger. Set a present limit comparable due to five periodical and obtain one person from each yoke wrap up the other hold lavatory paper and therefrom decorate eclipse nearby objects. When the date is up select a winning pair for whoever has the most standout mummy. This is consistent fresh fun if done string shift to the music.

7 Creative Ideas for a Children's Halloween Party

2 ) Have an creation – bobbing contest. Fill a goodly tub ninety percent full shroud doctor and spot several apples inside. Keep several contestants compete at the corresponding life stifle hands unpunctual their backs. The incipient contestant to grab an world veil their teeth wins. Show unambiguous to obtain towels on hand in that bathe will slosh onto the concrete..

3 ) Play mellifluous games using Halloween themed music. The kids answerability dance the limbo using the song Feverous, Igneous, Sweltering. Monster Mash and Thriller are commendable songs for games relating euphonious chairs and freeze dancing.

4 ) Posses the kids decorate a she dissemble orange or alabaster frosting. They amenability thus create a monster face or pumpkin face using small candies such as candy corn, M&M ‘ s, etc. 7 Creative Ideas for a Children’s Halloween Party


5 ) Buy a bag of round orange balloons to decorate as pumpkins ( or white balloons for ghosts or green balloons for monsters ). If you can ‘ t find them at a regular party store you can order them from Qualatex or a supplier of Qualatex balloons. Qualatex balloons come in quantities of 100. Once the balloons are blown up the kids can draw faces of pumpkins or monsters on the balloons using black and other color Sharpie markers. ( The Sharpie markers can be purchased in an office supply store ). Also it is best to blow up the balloons using a balloon pump rather then by mouth unless you possess a really strong set of lungs.

6 Most younger kids really like face painting. You can buy face paints at a party goods store and paint a Halloween theme such as a pumpkin or ghost or black cat on each child ‘ s face. If the kids are wearing a Halloween costume that covers their face then their hand can be painted. It is important to make sure you are using non – toxic paints that are specifically created for face painting and that wash off with water and soap. Carefully read the instructions on any face paints before you purchase them.

7 ) Here is a game that is suitable for older children. Have the kids close their eyes and an adult chooses a ” killer ” by tapping the person on the back as all eyes are closed. After a killer is chosen the adult instructs everyone to open their eyes.


Everyone walks around trying to figure out who the killer is. If the killer looks at someone and winks at them that person has to pretend to die a dramatic death. This goes on until everyone is ” dead ” or someone successfully guesses who the killer is. 7 Creative Ideas for a Children’s Halloween Party

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