6 Deficiency that needs to be addressed on a Blackberry

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6 Deficiency that needs to be addressed on a Blackberry6 Deficiency that needs to be addressed on a Blackberry

Since decided to no longer use the BlackBerry device, a close friend asked me a lot about the decision. Them as if mesmerized. 6 deficiency that needs to be addressed on a Blackberry

“Really u can not use BB? Sure?”

The question above is not without cause. Upper middle class population of Indonesia, especially Jakarta is the majority use the BlackBerry as their primary mobile phone communicate with each other.

No longer use the BlackBerry as if leaving a channel where we are connected to almost all people in the immediate neighborhood.

And yet after two months no longer use the BlackBerry, I still live a normal life. Everything is fine.

Why do I say goodbye to BlackBerry? Here’s why.

1) The network is often problematic
Two years more I use the BlackBerry as the primary device, two years as well, I have to deal with the BlackBerry network is often problematic. I wonder who is wrong – local or network operator BlackBerry – BlackBerry Messenger communications through often faltered.

Consequently, the message I sent late arrival, Internet access is not too hard to play. Email? Often absent.

Though the BlackBerry users, Internet connection is the main foundation of communication. Without the Internet, what’s the point I use BB? Almost nothing.

2) Dependence on fuel
So many used BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to be the main communication tool, replace the phone. The reason is simple, the fuel is much easier and cheaper than a phone.

Many people consider the phone number is a personal matter, but not BBM PIN. They are more convenient than providing fuel to distribute PIN numbers.

Though the fuel was not without flaws. As I mentioned at one point, fuel is also often have problems. Message in the fuel delivery is often delayed (pending messages) that makes angry, especially if in an emergency.

3) All the hate Broadcast Message
Have you ever received BM containing “Test Contact, pls ignore.”, Or “Forward this message if not you will be miserable for life”, or “Add friend I am well, Johnny, 21, handsome!”?. 6 deficiency that needs to be addressed on a Blackberry

Either the technology is too sophisticated, or the people of Indonesia are too, um, creative. Broadcast Message feature that lets you send messages to all contacts, often misused.


For some people, maybe this sort of thing funny, but I do not. Imagine if 10 people constantly are constantly sending messages of this kind every day. Did not you get annoyed?

Some say, a smartphone should be owned by the user smart (smart user). But unfortunately, to buy a smartphone people do not need to take the exam in advance.

4) Device specifications limited
BlackBerry is a classic problem that limited the engine specification. For information, all applications on the BlackBerry will be stored in internal memory, not the alias external memory card.

Imagine a machine that must work hard to run so many applications, but only given a small brain capacity. No wonder the BlackBerry device hangs, and sometimes feels hot.

The solution is to tamper with the default BlackBerry operating system – to shut down many functions and systems that are not needed as the language selection, ringtone, and the software built. Technique known as “shrink OS” is not easy to do yourself. A-one BlackBerry you can be totally dead.

5) Lack of innovation
Whether because of a lack of innovation from RIM, or indeed the needs of users who are not increased, BlackBerry rarely make a significant innovation in each new device.

Unlike the competitors, RIM seemed well aware that without adding a 10MP camera, or so the memory capacity of 2GB, they will remain loyal users.

Consumers generally buy BlackBerry BlackBerry newest type of style just because of it. Rarely are buying BlackBerry because the processor is more sophisticated, or better camera, or its new OS (even a very few among them who know the difference between OS BlackBerry).

6) The function can be found in other phones
BlackBerry is not the only cell phone in the world. In fact, BlackBerry is not the only smart phone. Almost all the functions that run BlackBerry can run well on other smart phones.

Phone, SMS, email, social networking, camera, video recording, editing photos to be processed even better in the other smart phones. Call it the iPhone can take pictures with higher quality. And Samsung Galaxy that has a processor with a capacity well above the BlackBerry.

One of the popular features of the BlackBerry, the fuel is not without competitors. At least RIM is still struggling with a local connection, a service growing out of fuel. Call it the Line, WhatsApp, Skype, KakaoTalk, up Yahoo! Messenger. 6 deficiency that needs to be addressed on a Blackberry


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