6 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit

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6 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit6 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit

Who is not familiar with the watermelon? The sweet taste and a lot of water content, like a good choice to drive the thirst or hunger. No wonder so many people love the fruit on this one. 6 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit

In addition to the fresh taste, it turns red fruit also contain phytonutrients, vitamins A and C, and potassium. Not only that, some other vitamins such as B6 and thiamine are also found in this fruit. Amazingly, the fruit is free of fat, sodium, and calories.

Want to know what are the amazing benefits that you can get from the fruit still-Labuan sekerabat with pumpkin, melon and cucumber this? Here are 6 reasons why you should eat watermelon, as quoted RealAge:

1. Prevent heart disease and prostate cancer: Watermelon has a lot of the content of lycopene, an antioxidant compound in plants that are known to fight heart disease and prostate cancer. Perhaps you’ve mengaggap tomato lycopene as one of the best.

It is true, but you have to cook them first with a little oil to get maximum results. While on a watermelon, you do not have to cook it first, because the fruit is lycopene his immediate release. In fact, one cup of watermelon has 40 percent more antioxidants than tomatoes. 6 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit


2. Vitamin C: A piece of watermelon (about 2 cups) provides nearly half of the daily requirement of vitamin C you.

3. Against infection: Two cups of watermelon also provides nearly a quarter of your daily requirement of beta carotene, which your body uses to make vitamin A. Low amount of beta carotene that can make you susceptible to viral infections and vision problems.

4. Accelerate the healing process: Watermelon is one of the rare food-producing citrulline, an amino acid used in wound healing and cell division. White meat section at the watermelon is usually not eaten it contains a lot of citrulline.

5. Overcome stress: Watermelon is a good source of potassium, which helps control blood pressure. This is the reason why the watermelon can be the perfect choice of snacks to be enjoyed with family.

6. Satisfy cravings: There are only 96 calories in two cups of sweet watermelon. In addition, the high content of water can make you feel full faster and keep your weight remains controlled. 6 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit


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