6 Basic Tips Portrait Photo Shoot

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6 Basic Tips Portrait Photo Shoot

6 Basic Tips Portrait Photo Shoot

Photography is never limited by the tool. Whether it’s using the sophisticated camera or just a camera phone, you can still produce a good image if it is to understand the elements of art in photography. Like for example make a photographic portrait. Photography is probably one of the most common people do when holding a camera – because it is relatively very easy to do. Well to make a better portrait pictures, here we provide six simple tips that you can try. 6 Basic Tips Portrait Photo Shoot

1. Come closer and interact with the model

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Photo Credit: Renhard Harjanto

The most common problem when creating a portrait photo is the distance. Some novice or amateur photographer feel shy to get closer to the model. And if you shoot the extent headshot portrait, capturing images should ideally be closer to the model. But the phenomenon is happening lately, a lot of budding photographers who are willing to spend extra money to buy a lens with a focal length range to shoot subjects from a distance.

This is indeed one should not, but not too advisable. If you want to produce better portraits, start learning to get closer to and interact with the model. Interacting with the model sounds pretty trivial, but it is very necessary to break the ice in order to model more comfortable and not feel tense. The result, expression of the model will be more relaxed and not look stiff so that the resulting portraits will be better and natural.


2. Consider the composition

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Photo Credit: A.Murrain

Make a photo portrait with the head positioned in the middle of the model to produce images that are usually even less attractive. Try to place the model at different angle shooting positions. You can use the principle of “Rule of Third” or place the subject at 1/3 part of the frame. Dare to experiment with composition and do not violate the principle of “Rule of Third”.

3. Lens and Depth Of Field (DoF)

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Photo Credit:Chereselskaya Elena

To create a portrait photography, the lens with a focal length range is not absolutely necessary. You can rely on some non-zoom lenses such as 50mm or short-range zoom lens with a zoom range of intermediate distances such as 18-55mm. Also affects the lens diaphragm scale portraits. If the lens used has a diaphragm to f/2.0 or larger, use the lens at the largest aperture. This will create bokeh effect (background blur) behind the subject and provide an artistic element to the photo. The result, your model will look more prominent than the rest of the background and makes the eyes look directly mapped onto the model. You can also set the lens aperture to experiment in other settings. 6 Basic Tips Portrait Photo Shoot


4. Note Model Body Language

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Photo Credit: Gabrielle Assaf

For the professional model, preening in front of the camera is not that difficult. Style with a little guidance, you can get the poses as you wish. Well, what if you are dealing with amateur models that have not been used in front of the camera?

The way is easy, follow the tips no.1. After successfully making the interaction and break the ice with the model, you’re more likely to direct style. It should be noted also mostly amateur models are still hesitant to look stylish and confident. For that, you as the photographer must be good in view of the moment when the direct model. Sometimes the jokes crisp or words of praise that came out of your mouth is effective to increase the confidence of the model.


5. Note the light

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Photo Credit: Maggieowner

In the portrait photograph, you also must pay attention to the lighting conditions around that shadow that falls on the model is not too hard. To the many ways you can do. If you are shooting outdoors by relying on solar lighting, use flash to fill-in or use a reflector for reflecting light toward a model that models the image look softer. When shooting in a room or studio, you can also avail some studio lighting accessories such as umbrellas, softbox, beauty dish reflector and to get the desired results.

6. Process the image to the more perfect

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Photo credit: Sauri

If the resulting portraits are less okay, do not immediately throw it away. At present it has many applications if the picture is outstanding, ranging from the simple to have a complete tool. Through the image processing application, you can improve the composition, color correction, to adjust the brightness of the dark. This can be done quickly and very easy to learn.

Six tips on top of a collection of simple tips that can be applied to produce better portrait pictures. But the six tips will be useless if you miss one of the most important tips is exercise. Do not ever hesitate to try and take pictures as often as possible to get to know and familiarize yourself with your camera. Happy shooting!. 6 Basic Tips Portrait Photo Shoot


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